Introductory FAQ
By V.W. Singer





What are your books about?

My books are about hard core male/female on female sexual sadism. In the process there may be hetrosexual sex and lesbian sex. Male on male sex is not my thing, nor is Fem Dom. They are also 'real' novels with proper plots that have beginnings and endings and characters who are more than just stick figures who do sexy things. Want to buy already? Go HERE

Why should I buy your books as opposed  to all the BDSM  literature on the market?

Well, almost all BDSM stories are either 'real to life' stories of Dominants and submssives who somehow find each other. Then the Dom teaches the sub the True Meaning of Submission. These stories follow the principle of being Safe, Sane and Consensual. Or there are the BDSM fantasies. Girl(s) is kidnapped and made into a sex slave. Girl(s) is sent to a special school/institution/training camp and made into a sex slave. Girl(s) is blackmailed and made into a sex slave. Girl(s) lives in a fictional world where all the women are made into sex slaves.

But keeping a sex slave is hard work,.and the BDSM lifestyle involves all kinds of rules and often funny clothes. What if all that you're intersted in is having a pretty girl  say "sure, I'll let you whip my tits if you ..." ? What if you really like women and don't want to spit in their faces and don't want to call them dirty bitch whores but do like the idea of spanking their pussies?

In my books, nice attractive women decide that they want something badly enough that they will exchange some pain in order to get what they want. It may be something simple as the money to buy a new car, to the information that will save the world from an evil villain. No mind control (in the conventional sense), no outright kidnapping, no blackmail, little or no bondage, rarely any masochism. The girl(s) is doing it of her own free will and she is not enjoying it.

Do the stories concentrate on any particular kind of pain or torture?

Yes. There is a strong preference for Female Genital Torture (Pussy Torture). The pussy is psychologically and physically so important to both men and women that it is the perfect subject for the infliction of pain (as far as I am concerned anyway). You will note that I do not use the word "punishment" as it implies that somehow the woman deserves to be beaten. This is psychological cowardice on the part of the person holding the whip or telling the story. If I want to spank a woman's pussy because it makes me feel good, I don't need to justify it by having her tell me that she has been a bad girl. What I do need is a woman with an equally strong reason to allow me to do it.

Why not feature lots of masochistic girls?

In general Sadism and masochism do not mix. Hurting a masochist is altruism, not sadism. However, like all generalisations this does not apply to all my novels, and where it suits the plot, the girls can be as pain loving as anyone could want.

Why bother with a plot?

Because everything is relative. Beating someone with a birch in a Swedish sauna is therapy. Beating someone with a birch in the middle of the living room for your own entertainment is sadism. The plot provides the emotion and the urgency.

What's so special about torturing a prostitute? Aren't  you paying her for it?

If you have ever walked up to an ordinary prostitute in a  bar and suggested that she allow you to beat her pussy with a whip, you will know why it is special. You are more likely to get mace in the face rather than a roll in the hay unless you can wave money around like Bill Gates. A prostitute is the least trusting of all women that you can meet. Convincing one who has never met you before to open her legs for your whip, even if you offer more than the ususal fee, is difficult to say the least.
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