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BDSM Books

Catalogue of published books :

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        AMAZON SLAVE - Pain and sex in the Trojan Wars.

        BEDLAM - Tormented Victorian maiden is threatened with life in a lunatic asylum.

       CRUSADER - Slaves, sadistic sex, and battle, during the Second Crusade and the siege of Lisbon.


        DEATHWALK - A masked vigilante's exciting sensual and painful adventures.

        DEFENDER - PARADIGM SHIFT III - A film set hides a murderer in the world of Paradigm Shift - where all women are property.

        DREAM STEALER - What if you could live in and control another person's dreams. Unlimited sex and sadism.

        EMPIRE SLAVES - Betrayal forces a princess to flee into another land where slavery is legal and commonplace.

        EXTREME PROSTITUTION - When the price is right, pain and prostitution become extremely big business.

        FLASH POINT - Murder and revenge in the world of nude photography.

        FOG, LACE AND STEEL - Sex and sadism affected everything the Victorians did, even assassination.

        FORTRESS OF FEAR- Sex and torture are the only means to find and stop an evil sorceress.

        FOX AND FALCON - Sexy twins become sex slaves and polictical pawns in ancient China.

        HEAVY TRAFFIC - At the extreme end of the business, sex trafficing can be a sexy, painful and deadly .

        INNOCENT TUDOR ROSE - Without influence or money, sex and pain are the only way for a maiden to survive in Henry VIII's court.

       LiSA - System Shock - The ultimate android sex toys, LiSAs hide a terrible secret.

        NOBLE FEMS – PARADIGM SHIFT II - The best Fems in Britain are accused of murder in the world of Paradigm Shift.

        PAPILLON ROUGE - Pussy torture has been refined to an art at the secret spa resort of Papillon Rouge. But so has murder.

        PARADIGM SHIFT - In this alternate world, women's rights went the other way. They don't have any at all.

        PORT ROYAL - Follow the Jolly Roger flies to wild adventure and an endless supply of beautiful sex slaves.

        RENDITION - Extraordinary Rendition and slave trafficking go together perfectly, unless someone is trying to kill you.

        SMGamer - Futuristic on-line gaming becomes a nightmare of sex and sadism when a hacker takes over the game.

        TAKER - The thrilling and sadistically sexual adventures of a Regency Era Thief-Taker.

        THE ADVENTURES OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE - Even the inventor of Sadism needed on-the-job training.

        The Honourable FGT Club - What does a Victorian gentleman do when he wants some pussy torture. He goes to his Club.

        THE WAR WIZARD BOOK 1 - LEGACY OF PAIN - Their magic is was fuelled by sex and pain.

        THE WAR WIZARD BOOK 2 - MASTERS OF PAIN - The sex and pain explode when modern wizards battle.

        TO THE RESCUE - When someone gives you a sex slave, you look right down the gift horse's throat. Or die.

        TOM AND JERRY - A beautiful British spy discovers that nothing is as it seems in German occupied France.

        VENALICIUS - Slaver of Rome - A Centurion is forced to turn slaver, and finds that sex and be as deadly as war.

        VENALICIUS II - Slaver to the East - Roman slaver Gaius Artorius heads to the eastern reaches of the Empire in search of slaves and adventure.

       WAR SLAVE - Escape From Singapore - Japan invades! Soldiers, a deadly traitor, comfort women, naked nurses and kinky pirates collide in a storm of sadistic sex.

        WORKHOUSE - When a rich young Victorian lady desires sadistic sex, she turns to charity.