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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Troy has fallen, and all the Amazons who came to her aid are dead, except one. The lovely Amazon warrior Evandre finds herself a naked slave in the middle of the sacking and burning of Troy. Her handsome new master is determined to mould her into a pain loving sex toy, but Amazons are taught never to submit sexually to any man. Along with her fellow captives, Evandre bravely endures both torture and forced sexual pleasure. But she soon discovers that her greatest enemy is her own sensual nature.

Sexier than Helen of Troy, more fun than the Clash of the Titans, follow the adventures of Evandre, the Amazon Slave.

Extract :

Thoas tapped at the woman's breasts with the vine stick. He nodded mockingly when she shook her head. "Yes. They want to see me beat your breasts with this. Don't they?" He shouted the last two words, and was rewarded with a roar from the crowd. "See?"

The stick slammed across her breasts and she screamed so hard that she choked and spittle dribbled from her mouth.

Eager to get back to Rhodia, he laid the vine stick on her breast hard and without mercy, making her globes flatten and bounce madly and covering them with huge, parallel bruises. Her nipples split under the punishment and drops of blood spattered when he struck them again. He shook his head in disgust when she lost control of her bladder and a yellow stream ran down her leg to puddle on the stone beneath her feet. However, her shrieks and general cowardice seemed to amuse the crowd, so he persisted. He gave her a moment to recover, playing to the mob by poking at her nipples and belly with the stick, making her yelp and wail. When she had recovered her breath, he signalled to his grinning helpers. "All right boys, take the rope off and then get her legs up and wide apart."

His assistants responded with alacrity, unwinding the rope from around her waist, leaving a raw looking red belt around her waist where her struggling had scraped her skin against the coarse fibre of the rope. They gripped her by the ankles and knees and lifted her wildly kicking legs up until her knees almost touched her shoulders, leaving her body hanging by the rope around her wrists. That rope was long enough so that they were able to turn her body around the pole so that her cunt faced the crowd.

Thoas tucked the stick through his belt like a sword and leaned forward to grab hold of the pubic hair on the lips of her cunt, which were still wet with her piss, and yanked them hard to either side, exposing the pink insides to the stares of the eagerly watching men and women. He pretended to peer into her cunt and then shouted, "She's no virgin, but her cunt's going to feel this shaft like never before." He gestured towards the stick, which was near enough to his cock for his jest to be obvious.

Jeers, laughter and obscene suggestions of every kind rose up from the crowd, the worst of them coming from the women as usual, some of them so awful that the woman turned pale.

He pulled the vine stick from his belt and cried, "Hold her tight boys, she's going to wriggle when she feels this."

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