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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


It is early 19th century Regency England. Angelica is an orphan, with a large trust fund composed of both land and money, which she will fully inherit when she turns twenty one. However, Mrs Browning, her aunt and legal guardian, has plans to murder her as soon as she comes of age. But Angelica's fate takes a turn, when they are introduced to handsome young Doctor Seward, who requires young women for his painful medical experiments. Dr Seward offers to have Angelica declared insane and committed to his asylum, where she will be completely at his mercy. But first, he has to convince Mrs Browning that he is truly as cruel and determined as he claims, so they agree that she will observe as he subjects Angelica to a series of terrible and obscene tests at his sanatorium.

Come and witness Angelica's torture and suffering at the hands of the strange doctor.
Witness the glee of Mrs Browning and her evil daughter Cynthia as they watch and even participate in Angelica's punishment and debasement.
Read V. W. Singer's latest novel, "Bedlam" and learn of beautiful Angelica's ultimate fate.

Extract One:

Dr Seward led her to the examination table and had her sit on the black leather top. He had her undo her hair, which fell to the middle of her back, and then checked her eyes, ears and mouth, making careful notes all the while. He also felt the shape of her head, running his fingers through her hair and palpitating her scalp.

Angelica rapidly came to feel like a prize pig or cow at a country fair, but made no complaint. She was acutely aware that much worse was to come, and soon.

Dr Seward's examination had progressed to her throat, neck and shoulders. Then he said, "Kindly slip your arms out of the sleeves and lower the gown to your waist so that I may continued with the examination."

Angelica could almost palpably feel the gaze of the doctor and the other two women upon her skin, like cobwebs blown against her body by the wind. Dr Seward had warned her that should she refuse to comply with his instructions, he would call upon the services of some nurses to restrain her. With a shudder of horror, she pulled the front of the gown apart and allowed the garment to slide down her slim white shoulders and to fall of its own accord down to her waist. She extracted her arms and hands from the sleeves one at a time, cringing as she felt her breasts sway as she moved. She felt Dr Seward's hands move over her shoulders, trace her collar bones, and then touch the upper slopes of her breasts.

He said, "I am now going to palpitate your breasts and then stimulate your nipples with my fingers in order to ensure that they are in good health and ready to perform their natural function of producing milk for the children that you no doubt shall bear in the future. Sit up straight and pull your shoulders back."

Extract Two:

Cynthia stared in fascination and gloating satisfaction at her cousin's disgrace and shame. Before anyone could prevent her, she extended a finger and prodded Angelica's clitoris most ungently and said, "Dr Seward, what is this thing? Surely it is a boil. Poor Angelica. Perhaps you should lance it with a needle?"

From her tone of voice, Dr Seward strongly suspected that Cynthia was deliberately teasing her cousin, however he obviously decided that the best way to deal with her suggestion was to respond to her statement and question with all seriousness. He said, "Fortunately, that is not a boil or disorder of any kind. That is Angelica's clitoris, which is a natural and very sensitive part of every female body. I shall therefore not be needing to lance or excise it." In the face of Cynthia's obvious disappointment, he added, "However, I shall be performing some tests on that very organ in a short while which you may find interesting."

"Will the tests hurt her clitoris?" Cynthia asked with undisguised hope.

Dr Seward nodded seriously. "I shall be testing the sensitivity of her clitoris, as well as the rest of her genitalia, to various stimuli, and unfortunately it is quite possible that there will be some degree of discomfort."

After mentally deciphering that sentence, Cynthia fairly danced with glee, and one might have imagined that even Mrs Browning's stern visage melted ever so slightly at this news, although she limited herself to an admiring nod and the words, "A most ingenious design indeed."

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