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Created Friday 20 January 2012


It was 1147. Civil war raged in England, and across Europe the Church had declared the Second Crusade. But Knight Errant Thomas had his own problems. All he had ever wanted was to be an honourable knight, and to practice the most debauched sadistic sex possible with warm and willing female partners. But he had witnessed his brother commit a murder, and now his own brother wanted him dead. Pursued by a deadly defrocked Templar knight, Thomas, with his faithful squire Martin at his side, join the Crusader army and sail away from England.

Soon Thomas finds himself engaged in the deadly and bloody siege of Lisbon. He also finds himself knee deep in sexy and willing sexual slaves, and discovers sadistic delights greater than he had ever dreamed possible when he becomes the surprised owner of a Moorish harem.

Watch as he wields whip and sword to battle his enemies and to conquer the beautiful, lustful, women who become his slaves. Can Thomas survive Moorish armies, deadly assassins, and the swords of his fellow Crusaders, all while bedding an exotic collection of sex slaves?

Extract :

He had enjoyed the careful verbal angling that had brought Emma naked to his bedside, and now he intended to reward himself for his patience. "Your body is as fair as your face," he said, letting his hands inch towards her breasts.

Emma's smile widened and she tried to curtsy without actually moving. "Such flattery will make me prideful, Master Thomas."

His hands closed over her breasts. "As a knight, I am sworn to tell only the truth, so it is not flattery when I say these are as fine a pair of teats as I have ever seen."

The naked servant girl giggled, feeling immensely daring. The touch of the knight's fingers on her nipples was like nothing she had ever experience before, and all thoughts of sin and damnation disappeared from her mind to be replaced by a delight that was almost beyond bearing. She knew at once that she wanted more, and that she would allow Master Thomas any liberty with her body that he might desire. His thumbs circled her nipples and she trembled and bit her lip to prevent herself from moaning most shamefully.


Emma nodded emphatically, and her body rocked when a strange, previously unknown sensation filled her loins and made her curl her toes and rub her feet on the bedside rug that she was standing on. "Ooh Master Thomas, that feels so very …. " Words failed her and she just sighed happily.

Her simple and undisguised enjoyment was refreshing and Thomas found it highly stimulating. But he wanted more, and his conscience demanded that he give her one last opportunity to withdraw. "It is good that you find pleasure in my caresses, as indeed you should. But have you thought carefully about what else I want from you?" he said, even as he continued to toy skilfully with her nipples. It was unlikely that having come so far, she would want to retreat now, but he desired to be fair.

Emma found it hard to think of serious matters when all she wanted to do was to wriggle and moan with her eyes tightly shut, but she was a conscientious girl and so tried to give him a sensible answer. Her brow wrinkled prettily. "At first I was afraid. But then I recalled how my mother had spanked me when I was naughty, and the many times my father had used a switch on me when I was older. Even here in the castle, the steward often orders the servants, boys and girls, to be switched for laziness or mistakes. So if the steward is right to have us beaten, then how could I object if you wished to do so?" Then she grinned. "Besides which, no one has ever asked my permission before beating me."

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