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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


The slave trade of Rome during the reign of Emperor Vespasian was a merciless and violent business, supplying slaves to fuel the economy of Rome through war, kidnap and trade. Slaves were broken by any means necessary, and nothing protected them from the cruelty of their masters. Beautiful female slaves fetched enormous prices, and provided their owners with every possible sexual pleasure, even at the cost of their own terror, pain and even death.

Gaius Artorius, ex-centurion of the Praetorian Guard is asked by his rich patron to become a venalicius, or slave trader, in order to test, purchase, and bring back from far away Britannia a hugely valuable shipment of slaves who have been specially trained to cater to his patron's sadistic tastes. Seeing it as an opportunity to become rich by buying and selling some slaves of his own, he agrees. Follow his adventures as he fights his way across ancient Europe, dealing with beautiful slaves, vicious barbarians and deadly treachery, only to be faced with a shocking surprise when he arrives at his destination. Watch as he is forced to make a dangerous decision regarding two beautiful slaves with a deadly secret.

Witness the suffering of beautiful naked women who endure rape and torture as they are made into helpless slaves, and the skill and cunning that it takes to survive in such a primitive time — in Venalicius, Slaver of Rome.

Extract :

Her shrill, terrified scream echoed from the stone walls of the small room. The beautiful girl tugged frantically at the coarse ropes that held her wrists up and apart, even as she wildly twisted and kicked against the pain of the lash that had scored her back into a red and bleeding mess. She cried for her mother, and then called out the name of Bellicus.

Her tormentor laughed wildly, enjoying her fear. "That old fart can't help you now my little darling. You belong to me," he gloated as he struck out with the lash again. Her scream sent a thrill down his spine, and her terror and helplessness brought his cock to life in a way that he had never felt by just lying with a woman. He shifted his aim and the whip struck her buttocks with a vicious crack. He grunted with satisfaction at the sight of the deep red weal that formed diagonally across the firm white cheeks. "Isn't this much more fun that studying boring Latin?" he cried tauntingly.

The girl shook her head, her face wet with tears of pain and fear. "Please stop hurting me Dominus," cried the girl in excellent Latin. "I will do anything you want. You don't have to do this."

Bellicus had recently hired the man, a Greek by the name of Kyros, to teach to girls Latin after the previous instructor had been killed by an unfortunately fatal fall, but he had discovered to his dismay that the man was dangerously violent and obsessed with possessing and torturing girls. When Bellicus had attempted to send him away, Kyros had beaten the older man half to death, and Bellicus was now virtually a prisoner in his own villa. He still looked after the girls, and administered the other teachers, male and female that trained the girls in all the arts that would make them exceptional and willing sex slaves, but he could not prevent Kyros from snatching a girl away at his whim to use and torture whenever he desired. Kyros had been furious when he learned that Titinius was scheduled to send his representatives to Britannia to collect a shipment of girls, and he was taking his anger out on the unfortunate girl in front of him.

The whip sang again and the girl shrieked as it cut a raw, red slash across her bottom.

He snarled, "Of course I have to hurt you, you stupid cunt. That's all you're good for. The good Bellicus has so carefully and cleverly selected and trained you girls to be the perfect whip slaves. It would be a total waste not to use you to the fullest extent, or to let you escape to that fat rich Roman bastard who thinks that he is going to own you." His anger drove his arm, and the whip hit her hard enough to drive her forward onto her toes. She was strong, and had a great endurance for pain, but even her lithe young body had its limits and she suddenly went limp.

Kyros threw the whip against the wall and shouted with rage, spittle flying from his lips. He grabbed her long hair with his hand and shook her head from side to side. "Wake up bitch! Don't you dare faint on me." But the girl remained stubbornly and uselessly insensible. He reached for the bucket of icy cold water with an evil smile. She would not hide from him for long.

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