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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Deadly mistress of pain Hypatia Wolf has brought true terror to London. Beautiful women are being kidnapped and subjected to horrific tortures as part of a huge blackmail scheme, and the police, intelligence services and civil service are all helpless, allowing criminals to grow ever more daring and cruel.

In desperation, the Government turns to world's most deadly assassin and vigilante – Deathwalk – the very person that they had previously betrayed and tried to kill.

Fighting fire with fire, Deathwalk and Hypatia engage in a duel of screaming women and merciless death. With treachery on all sides, who will win?

If you enjoy action, cruel torture and the pain and suffering of beautiful women, then this is the novel for you.

Extract :

The kneeling young woman struggled desperately against the grip of the hands that held her immobile, her arms twisted behind her back with her hands and wrists locked in joint-breaking holds. She stared in horror at the glowing iron rod that swayed and danced around her breasts. She looked up at the tall, handsome woman holding the heated iron. "Please, please don't burn me. Why are you doing this? Who are you? I've never done anything to you. Let me go."

Hypatia Wolf, who was wielding the instrument of torture, smiled and said, "I'm sorry my dear, but think of it as serving a higher cause. Now smile for the camera and say hello to daddy."

The girl realised that there was a video camera in the room which, in her panic, she had not noticed before. She had the sudden hope that this was all for the benefit of the camera and that they were threatening her in order to pressure her father. Looking into the lens, she said, "Daddy, please, do whatever these people want. Don't let them hurt me."

Hypatia looked into the camera and said, "Now Daddy, we know that you are a loyal and dedicated man, and you wouldn't let threats to your darling daughter sway you from your duty, but this might be more persuasive." She touched the shimmering hot iron to the side of the girl's perfect young breast.

The sizzle of cooking flesh was clearly audible for the fraction of a second before the sound of the girl's frantic screaming and struggles filled the room

Hypatia said, "And just to prove that we are serious – "

The girl saw what was coming and shouted, "No! Not again. Momee!"

Humming happily, Hypatia pressed the red hot iron against the girl's other breast.

The girl screamed shrilly and kicked out desperately with her legs, putting the weight of her entire body on her arms. There as a sickening crack as her arm was dislocated from her shoulder. Her tortured screams barely sounded human as the woman holding her dragged her from the room.

Hypatia stepped in front of the camera and waited until the cameraman had zoomed for a close up, and said, "Now Daddy, unless you want to see your darling daughter skinned alive or her lovely virgin pussy impaled on a short wooden stake, you will follow our instructions to the letter. There will be no negotiation. If you go on TV and demand proof of life I will send you her clitoris. If you try to bring in a private hostage negotiator, we will saw off both of her arms. If the police are involved I will personally cut her womb out of her body and send it to you as a souvenir. You have one chance to get your daughter back relatively intact. Follow the instructions that accompany this DVD to the letter. You will not hear from me again unless you fail to obey, in which case your daughter will wish that she had never been born. Have a nice day."

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