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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


In the world of Paradigm Shift, women have no rights at all. Not even slaves, they are intelligent domestic animals, with only the legal rights and protections that a dog or horse would have. Bred through advanced genetic manipulation and careful training from the moment of birth, women (who are called fems in this world) serve men in every possible way. They pull cabs and carriages, serve as domestic staff, work in factories and construction sites, and of course provide sexual entertainment of every kind. Fems specially bred to have high pain tolerances (HPT fems) gladly serve men who enjoy whipping and caning their fems. Pussies are always visible, as the law prevents covering them at any time with clothing or accessories.

In this book, Crown Investigator Parker Hammond and his loyal pets Susan and Teena are sent to a quiet village to investigate the apparently random killing of numerous fems. He meets the Jack the vicious gamekeeper who seems to hate fems and beats them at every opportunity and Willoughby the eccentric owner of the local Manor who lives in an Egyptian fantasy filled with naked golden toned serving fems and other, darker secrets. Also at the Manor are the cast and production crew of a horror film in which the actresses do their own very painful stunts, in an industry where fake female blood is never used. Near the village are desperate feral fems who serve the village men in exchange for goods, and many more strange and possibly dangerous characters.

In a world where women are possessions, who will defend them against someone who is merly killing lowly fems? Parker will, and he intends to stop the killers – whatever it takes.

Extract One -

Parker sighed and said, "Now where was I? Oh yes." He gently stroked April's pussy with the crop, brushing the labia apart with its tip and arranging them to his satisfaction. "I'm going to start by striking here, right between you inner labia. Your clit will be safe for the time being, and I'll tell you when I'm going to hit it."

"Thank you master," April said, her voice quivering with excitement. Although she was willing and eager to have her pussy beaten with the crop, she knew the initial pain was going to be really bad.

Using only his wrist, Parker lifted the tip of the crop, made a final test of his aim and then struck. The blow itself did not look or sound impressive, just a sharp smack of leather against soft pussy flesh. However, the target was very sensitive and he knew that the pain April was feeling was worse than a full arm's length swing of a cane on her buttocks.

The two fems at the end of the bed held hands and watched as April's body shuddered, although the fem didn't make a sound.

Having her pussy whipped made April feel so vulnerable, and the pain was far more concentrated and intense than any other punishment. She loved it. She loved the feeling that she was offering her very core of her sexual being up for torment. It was the ultimate sacrifice to the alter of her master's pleasure. None of this made the pain any less, and it took all of her willpower not to whimper or moan. Although her master had not demanded it of her, it was a challenge that she set herself to remain silent as long as possible. Clenching her hands into fists, she braced her heels against the bed and steadied her pussy for the next blow.

Extract Two -

She told him about her need for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

His face brightened and he nodded. "There are loads of samples lying around the warehouse that we hand out to salesmen and doctors. I'm sure that I take some without anyone noticing. But what do I get?"

Kathy shifted his hand to touch her breast. She could feel his hand trembling. Softly, shyly, she said, "You get me. Just imagine. Anything you ever wanted to do to a fem. To touch, to feel … to fuck. And if you get me what I need, I'll even let you hurt me." She pressed his fingers into her breast. "Hurt me here." She pulled his reluctant hand away from her nipple and down over her belly, over her hip to her buttocks. "And here." His hand moved eagerly now as she slid it down her thigh, and then back up again until it reached her pussy. "And even here."

Allen's whole body was shaking now. "I've never touched a fem … there," he said, his voice soft and full of wonder. "You really mean it? You're not making fun of me?"

Kathy smiled. "Does this feel like I'm making fun of you?" she said, rubbing her moistness against his palm.

Extract Three -

The demon's claw was so sharp that it cut Patty's skin rather than ripped it, and she hissed as she felt the sting. She wondered if the monster was going to slowly rip her to shreds. The claw brushed her nipple and as she watched, a tiny ruby drop welled from the tip like crimson milk. She trembled nervously as the demon moved behind her.

He could apparently retract his claws like a cat, or control the pressure he applied very accurately. The monster placed his paws on her slim shoulders and slid them down her back, leaving a trail of multiple red scratches that formed a large "V" as they met at the top of her buttocks, forcing a soft moan from the fem, who arched her back in response. The demon chuckled evilly and reached down with both hands or paws, and grabbed the cheeks of her bottom, digging his knobbly knuckled fingers into her solid arse. "Nice arse you have, pretty one. Doesn't it feel nice to have my hands on them like this?"

"No. You're disgusting." she spat, showing a flash of spirit.

The demon smiled a shark-like smile. "Thank you. I try hard." The retracted claws shot out and dug deep, piercing skin and flesh.

Patty shrieked as her arse was suddenly stabbed by ten hooked claws.

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