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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Caught sleeping around by her billionaire husband, Kristina was faced with ruin and the collapse of her business unless she could raise a lot of money quickly. Everyone turned her away, and she thought she was doomed until she learned about Extreme. They offered to solve all her financial problems – in exchange for becoming a very special high-class prostitute, one who catered to the very extreme and painful whims of Extreme's wealthiest members.

Watch Kristina make the transition from being a pampered trophy wife to being an extreme prostitute, who would do anything, and take anything the client wanted, and always with a smile.

Extract One :

She leaned back in her luxury executive armchair with a satisfied sigh. She didn't interview all potential members, only the richer and more influential ones. She glanced downwards and smiled. "You're good at that. Are you sure you've never done this before?"

The flushed, tousled haired female face that looked up from under Jenna's skirt would have been instantly recognised by any pop music loving teenage boy, and he would probably have come in his pants at the sight, because she was also totally naked. For a fraction of a second, her shame and anger burst to the surface, threatening to twist her face into a scowl, but then those emotions were just as quickly replaced by fear and despair. She got herself under control and smiled that famous smile. "No Jenna, I've never eaten pussy before. I'm not a dy... lesbian, or even bisexual." She worked her aching jaw. "Please, I've been eating your pussy for two hours now, and I've really tried hard to make it good for you. Will you approve my application for the Member's Premium Loan?" She was so desperate that she even bent her head down to give Jenna's thighs and pussy a kiss to emphasise her appeal even though touching another woman's cunt with her lips still made her feel sick.

"Just a final warning. If I approve the loan, what you will be doing will be far, far worse than just licking some pussy. And if you fail to meet your obligations – " She did not finish her sentence. Threats were unprofessional and unnecessary. The singer knew all too well what would happen to her would be both painful and fatal. On the other hand, the terms of the loan were financially much better than anything she could have obtained elsewhere, legally or illegally.

The naked kneeling girl nodded. "I understand, and though it sounds odd, I'm grateful. No one else would lift a finger to help me." A different kind of anger showed on her face. "Not even my so called 'friends' or those who have made so much money by hanging onto my coat tails."

Jenna smiled. "Very well. Finish making me come, and I'll approve the application. It's right here in my tray."

"Thank you. Thanks a lot, Jenna." The singer smiled once more and buried her face in Jenna's pussy.

Jenna leaned back in her chair and let herself moan softly in pleasure. This was one of the perks of the job that she really enjoyed.

Extract Two:

Kristina held her arms out to her sides and nodded. "I'm all yours."

"Get down on your knees and kiss my feet."

Kristina's stomach tightened, but she obeyed without hesitation, dropping into a squat and then rolling onto her knees in a single smooth movement. She looked up at the girl just for a moment, to let her enjoy her helplessness, and then lowered her face to the floor. With her hands on either side of Patty's feet, she kissed them, starting with the tips of her shoes, but then moving on to the bare skin of the tops of her feet, and up to her ankles. She planted each kiss slowly and lovingly, as if she was kissing Walter's lips. Despite her mental preparation, she couldn't prevent her face from flushing in shame.

Patty felt an incredible sense of power and triumph. For the first time in her life she was truly in command of another human being. She wasn't a naturally vicious person, but normal teenage resentment of authority, combined with years of mental and emotional bullying from Elizabeth, had built up a storm of suppressed rage in her breast, and it felt so good to know that she could unleash it at last. She saw Kristina's red cheeks and grinned. "You hated doing that didn't you?" Without waiting for a reply, she spun around and lifted her short pleated skirt. "Well you can kiss my arse too while you're down there."

Patty wasn't wearing a thong, but her high cut panties left her buttocks fully exposed. Kristina placed her hands on her knees and leaned forward to begin her shaming task. Mrs Caudwell would have rather died than to demean herself in this manner. But the world had changed, and Kristina Dare was determined to survive in her new harsh environment, so she kissed arse like she was born to it. She covered Patty's cheeks with kisses, leaving lipstick marks all over the fine smooth skin of the young woman's bottom. Around her, she could hear the mocking giggles of the other three girls, who watched her humiliation in amazement. She decided that as an Extreme Companion, she had to make a suggestion. "I believe it's customary to make me kiss your arsehole at this point."

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