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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Princess Tiradir, heir to the throne of the Iron Kingdom after her father is assassinated is running for her life from her own Generals. Nowhere in the Kingdom is safe, so she and her loyal followers must flee to the neighbouring Jade Empire. But slavery is legal in the Empire and the only way for the fugitives to escape is for them to become sex slaves in this foreign land.

Taught from childhood that slavery is evil and demeaning, the Princess must balance survival against pride. Pursued by assassins, caught up in the politics of the Empire and still planning to retake her throne, follow the adventures of Princess Tiradir as she and her friends become Empire Slaves.

Extract :

"So my Queen, are you ready for today's audience with me?"

Linndir's body was covered with dark bruises as she stood naked beside the bed. "If you insist. What would you have of me today?"

"By the Gods, you look a mess. I am not of a mind to fuck you just now. Fortunately, I have been riding and I still have my riding whip with me."

"You wish to add more marks to your handiwork of yesterday?"

"I notice that those teats of your are still unmarked. They will do for a start. Put your hands on top of your head and present those royal orbs to me. Then command me to whip them."

Linndir lifted her arms and laced her fingers over her head. Standing regally erect, she stared coldly at the rebel General. "General Palandar, you are commanded to whip my breasts with your riding whip."

Palandar bowed mockingly and said, "Could my Queen be more specific as to the nature of this whipping?"

"You shall whip my breasts vigorously, making sure that each breast is equally treated. Since my nipples are of special sensitivity, you shall make particular efforts to strike them."

"And when should I stop?"

"I am sure that the General's judgement can be relied upon for that decision."

Palandar's grin promised much pain as he reached out to roughly stroke the Queen's breasts. "Yes, you've been waving these at me for years like a bitch in heat and now you are going to get what you deserve. Stick them out."

The short whip whistled through the air as he limbered his arm. He raised the whip and flipped it at her breast, testing the distance. "I've changed my mind. Use your hands to lift them up for me, I want to whip them with downward strokes."

Linndir felt her heart pounding as she pressed her palms to her chest. The edge of the mattress pressed against her the back of her legs and she felt trapped. Although she enjoyed a degree of pain, the kind of punishment that Palandar was inflicting on her was just as unbearable to her as it would be to any other woman. Taking a deep breath, she slid her hands upwards until her breasts rested on the V made by the index finger and thumb of each hand. Pushing them further upwards, she lifted her breasts, offering them to the whip. When she turned her head to the side, Palandar said, "Keep looking at me. I want to see your face."

She saw the snarl lift the corner of his mouth as his hand blocked the light from the window behind him, then the whip came down. The flexible leather struck her breast with a startlingly sharp crack and her breath froze in her chest. Pride made her remain silent, but the scream rattled in her throat and echoed in her mind. The bright red weal was quickly joined by a twin on her other breast. Palandar made no attempt to make a game of it by making her count, or engaging in banter, but just beat away savagely at her breasts, venting his jealousy and rage on her body.

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