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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


It is the reign of Queen Victoria, and exotic sadistic sex is just around every corner and hidden behind every door. Unfortunately, so are threats to the Empire and the Queen herself. So it is only fitting that the Crown's most deadly weapon, the Queen's Assassin — Lady Anne Fitzwalter is just as erotic and deadly. No sexual act is too perverted, no punishment to painful, if it helps her reach and destroy her targets, the Enemies of the Crown.

Extract One:

Meena helped me remove my boots and undress before leading me to the tub for a quick wash to wipe way the dust and grime of the day, the Punjab being far different in climate from our beloved England. Her ministrations soon brought me to full attention and I attempted to lead the woman to my bed but once again she bade me wait.

"Damn it woman,what the devil are you up to? Would you have me explode from an excess of humours?" I grumbled.

Meena bowed her head as if abashed by my scolding, but I noted the gleam of amusement in her eyes. She glanced deliberately to the corner of the room wherein lay the mysterious sack.

"Sahib has been most patient with Meena. It is Meena who has been bad. I know that the women have been making Sahib Jack unhappy with our arguing and fighting. Sahib should punish naughty Meena and so remove the heat in his blood." Something stirred in the depths of my mind at her words, although I was still not certain what she was suggesting. Suddenly the sack held a new significance, poised threateningly against the wall as if it were a waiting cobra. "Punishment? What kind of punishment girl? And what does that blasted sack have to do with anything. Stop being so damned mysterious or by Jove, I will not hesitate to take a stick to you."

My anger did not seem to cow Meena, although her posture displayed a feigned submissiveness. Instead, she shook her head, as if in sorrow at my ignorance. "A stick is for old men Sahib. If Sahib wishes to beat poor Meena then she must surely deserve it, but perhaps Meena can provide some better tools for this task."

I have never been slow of wit and I did not need a semaphore or screaming drill sergeant to help me understand what Meena was suggesting. I am also not a man who would raise a hand to any woman in anger, but the very fact that Meena had brought a sack full of 'tools' indicated she was not adverse to a taste of the rod. Little did I know it then, but six of the best was mere child's play compared to the things she had in mind - for she was determined to be equalled by no other woman in my eyes. Aside from childhood spankings and canings administered to me or my playmates, I had never experienced this form of play and I have to admit that I was curious. Meena fetched the sack and set it down beside the bed.


Extract Two:

Anne hissed at the sharp, tingling sensation of the woman's dry fingertip brushing her clitoris. Her toes twitched as Mrs Stuart continued to tease and toy with her tiny sex bud. Anne gritted her teeth as the woman's touch increased both in pressure and speed. Stiff feathers seemed to tickle every nerve in her body and she wanted to laugh and cry out at the same time. Although the sensation could not be described as pain, it was too intense to be pleasurable and quickly became torture. Unable to respond in any other way, her pussy began to generate a slow, glistening stream of liquid which gathered at the opening of her vagina.
Mrs Stuart laughed at the sight and said, "Oh dear, it appears that your clitty greatly enjoys my touch. I am sure that this must be bad for your health. Perhaps I should try something else. What do you think?"

"I ... I would be obliged if you would pinch my clitoris Moira. Pinch it hard so that I feel no more sinful pleasure."

Mrs Stuart was quick to respond, and her fingers clamped down on Anne's clitoris like the jaws of a vice and crushed the tip of the delicate organ. The housekeeper's smile revealed a hint of bared teeth as she gloated over the expression of pain that twisted Anne's face. She twisted her hand, first to one side and then the other, causing Anne further pain. "There, am I not good to you?"

"Thank you ... for your kindness Moira."

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