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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


The armies of the evil, shape changing High Sorceress Lilura had finally been destroyed, but Lilura herself had escaped to hide amongst the women of the great Fortress of Dragonspire. The only way for High Marshal Raiker, his lover, the wizard Safiria, and the Imperium army to find and destroy her was to torture and interrogate the thousands of young woman in the huge fortress city. But Lilura was not going to passively wait to be captured, and would slaughter her way through the Fortress to escape into the neighbouring Kingdom if they didn't stop her in time.

A tale filled with intense sexual torture, passion, and deadly combat, this is a novel that should not to be missed by any lover of SM erotica.

Extract One

"We have to find Lilura. We are going to find her no matter what the cost. She can make herself look like any woman of approximately the same age and size as her. When the Heart of Mists still amplified her powers, she could have made herself look like any woman at all, any age, size, or shape, merely by touching their flesh."

The Baroness frowned. "Then how are you going to discover her?" Her eyes widened. "You can't, can you?" Her face paled. "You're going to kill all the women! That's why you sent our men away."

She looked as if she wanted to attack Raiker, and her guards moved to restrain her. Raiker waved them back. "I wouldn't hesitate to do that if it was the only way. However – there is an alternative." He waited to be sure that the Baroness was listening. "My wizards tell me that without the power of the Heart, she needs to use a very small amount of mental energy and concentration to maintain her disguise, just like the basic shields that all wizards constantly maintain, even when they sleep. However, if her concentration is totally broken, her disguise will fail, and we will have her."

The Baroness had a sick feeling that she already knew where his words were leading, but she had to ask. "Broken by what?"

"Pain. I intend to have every woman of the right age and shape put to torture until we find her."

The Baroness pressed her knuckles to her mouth. "No."

Extract Two

Sergeant Pukk grinned at Ziella and then turned back to watch Trooper Lorah fuck the screaming girl. They didn't routinely rape all the girls, since that would have been physically impossible, but this one was cute enough to bother. He had been right about the female wizard. She had proven to be even more greedy and sadistic than he expected, and had eagerly gone along with his plans. She had even taken part in the torture, once they were sure that their current victim was innocent. They were supposed to stop the moment Ziella confirmed their innocence, but since there was no one to confirm or contradict Ziella, she could safely torture the women as much as she liked.

She giggled as the trooper pounded the formerly virgin girl. "Stick it to her harder, Lorah. Really make her squeal." Despite her sadistic pleasure, she was not suicidal, and she was maintaining a probe against the girl's swirling mind shield – a probe which Safiria would have told her was disgracefully sloppy and unfocused.

The girl's wrists were tied together and roped to the head of the bed's wooden frame, so her struggles were limited to the desperate twisting of her hips, which only made it more pleasurable for Lorah. She didn't scream, because she knew that the entire building was filled with the horrified screams of young women, which she had been forced to listen to for several hours before her turn had come. From the brief comments that she had caught from the girls who had gone before her, she knew that most of them were being treated as humanely as possible, given the reason that they were here. However this particular team of interrogators were one of the bad ones, and she sobbed in pain and anger as the Imperial trooper fucked her. She could hardly believe that another woman, even if she was a wizard, could watch her being assaulted and giggle. From the corner of her eye, she saw a sudden move, and she glanced towards the man she had heard them call Sergeant Pukk. She did scream when the whip in his hand slashed forcefully across her breasts.

Ziella felt the girl's shield flutter. "That's it Pukk, whip her teats. Whip them hard. The sooner we can crack her open, the sooner I can have some fun."

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