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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


White slaver and human trafficker Blake Morningstar is not a very nice man. Head of a high end prostitution ring, he and Alexa, his sexy and murderously psychotic sidekick, specialise in the kidnapping and training of slaves to order. If you have your eye on a particular celebrity, someone's daughter or wife, or just a girl with a particular look, Blake will get her and break her for you - provided you can pay the price.

But human trafficking is a competitive business and he soon finds his organisation in a war with the deadly Albanian Mafia who control the prostitution business in London and are even crueller to their trafficked women than Blake. When he receives an order to kidnap and break a beautiful young actress, the clash with the Albanian Mafia comes to a head, and Blake has to deal with ruthless gangsters out to kill him and with treachery from within his own organisation, while still training his captives to become perfect sex slaves and satisfying the masochistic sexual desires of his lovely assistant.

Extract One -

He tapped her bottom with the crop and said slowly and clearly, "Repeat after me – I am not waiting to be ransomed. I am never going home. I understand that I am a slave."

It took her three tries before she could make herself mutter the words.

Like a marine drill sergeant, he shouted in her ear, "I didn't hear you! You are not a spoiled, pampered, daddy's girl any more. You are a slave. Now say it again."

She cringed at his anger and repeated the words, more clearly this time.

Naturally, this was not good enough. "Louder!" he screamed, slapping the crop against his thigh.

Finally she said it loudly and clearly. "I am not waiting to be ransomed. I am never going home. I understand that I am a slave."

"Again!" he said.

Tears began to flow as the impact of the words hit her. "I am not waiting to be ransomed. I am never going home. I understand that I am a … slave."

Extract Two -

There was a stunned silence. One of the girls spoke up. "No jobs? But we paid to you. You promised us jobs."

Aleksander smiled. He loved this part He loved seeing their stupid cow faces when they realised that they had been tricked. "We lied. But as I said, you will all work and you will earn good money as prostitutes, whores, hookers."

Heads began to shake and the some of their faces revealed anger. The same girl shouted, "I demand to have my money back. I am a decent woman and I will not become a prostitute. You will give me my money back and I will go home."

He reflected that it was fortunate that she was one of the older and less pretty ones. He stepped up to her and said in a calm, reasonable voice, "You want? You demand?" Without warning he lashed out and the back of his hand smashed into her face with horrific force, knocking her to the floor. Blood spurted from her cut lips and broken her nose. She screamed as he kicked her in the belly and thighs, careful to avoid breaking any bones. He bent down and hauled her to her feet by her neck and drove his knee hard into her crotch with a sickening thud, and she collapsed to the ground again, moaning and sobbing in agony. He casually wiped his hands clean of her blood and saliva with the handkerchief that Frank handed him. "Does anyone else have any demands?" He glared at the other women, gauging the balance of fear and anger in their faces. He said, "Some of you are thinking that you are not afraid, that no matter what I do to you, I cannot force you to fuck men for a living. You may not be afraid, but what about your families back in the Ukraine? Your mothers, fathers, grandparents , brothers and sisters. Some of you have children. What about them, are they as brave? I can have my associates pay them a visit tomorrow and then send you photographs of what your loved ones look like after they are done." He pointed his finger at a girl, and then another and another. "You, you, or you?" This time there was silence. He turned to Frank and nodded.

Extract Three -

He released her nipples and slapped her breast with a vicious swipe of his hand, sending her body rocking sideways. "Well Mary with the big mouth," he slapped her other breast, sending her staggering in the opposite direction, "we are going to have some fun together." He turned to the wall and took down an electric cattle prod.

Mary didn't recognise the device, but she discovered its purpose quickly enough when he switched it on and touched the copper contacts at the end of the curved "Y" shaped tip to her belly. There were tiny sparks and a zapping sound, followed by a scream of pain and fear from Mary as her muscles suddenly contracted and a bolt of pain shot through her abdomen. She tried to beg, but the prod touched her breast and the shock drove all the breath from her lungs and she thought that her heart was going to stop.

Aleksander stepped behind her and pushed the prod between her buttocks and then pressed the activation button.

Mary shrieked, bicycling her legs in the air and hanging from her bleeding wrists. "No! Please, no more," she cried, but Aleksander ignored her and walked around her twisting, kicking body, jabbing the cattle prod into various parts of her body. She struggled so hard that she nearly dislocated her arms when he zapped her in the armpits and then on her nipples. "God, please stop it! I'll do anything at all, just stop," she cried.

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