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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


The setting is Tang dynasty China. Bond slavery is a part of everyday life, and the beautiful twins Fox and Falcon find themselves forced to become slaves - bond courtesans - in order to save their father's head. Innocent virgins, they have to undergo a gruelling training course to make them fit playthings for the great lords and Mandarins of the land in this sexiest period of Chinese history.

But things are never so simple in Imperial politics and they soon discover that they are merely pawns in a game of power, where women are mere pawns to be tortured and fucked. But even the women have their own agendas, and they are ready to use their own pain and sexuality to achieve their goals.

Find out who lives and who dies - and who ultimately gets screwed - by following the adventures of Fox and Falcon.

Extract One -

Naked breasts flashed like fine porcelain as the dancers whirled and floated across the floor, their long silken sleeves waving like coloured smoke. Large almond eyes and red smiling lips teased, while lithe bodies, curvy hips and dark mysterious patches of pubic floss could be glimpsed through the coloured veils that clung to their bodies.

There was a soft gasp from the cheering, clapping men when the lead dancer ran onto the dance floor. She was completely topless save for a long gauzy scarf that draped her shoulders and arms, and a multi-pointed star decoration made of finely worked silver was mounted around each of nipples. Those nearest to her were amazed to see that the decorations were mounted on her breasts by fine needles drive completely through her nipples. She carried a pipa, a mandolin-like musical instrument, which she managed to twirl and spin around her body while still playing a sensuous melody.

The next surprise came when the scarves and shawls that covered the dancers began to come off when they pulled them from each other's bodies as they twirled past each other. Within moments the dancers were totally naked, save for the lead dancer, who continued to play and swirl, surrounded by the other naked dancers who writhed and stretched on the floor around her like the petals of a huge, pink flower. There was no attempt at modesty and every part of their bodies was made visible to the audience as they acrobatically stretched their limbs to seemingly impossible limits.

The watching men beat time on their tables and grabbed at the thinly dressed serving girls, who giggled and made sure not to move away before the reaching hands had managed to sample their wares.

Extract Two -

Minister Chou said, "So Meixiang, do you understand why you are here? You may speak freely." He wanted to determine for himself how sharp the girl was.

She raised her head and smiled timidly at him, careful not to meet his eyes. "I am here to serve you Minister Chou." The tiny inflection she placed on the word "serve" made it clear that she meant more than sweeping and cleaning.

"And did Lu explain to you exactly what kind of service I desire?" he said. He was interested to see how she would describe it, and whether she would try to squirm out of being hurt by narrowly defining her terms of service. Cunning is an asset in an advisor, but not in a sex slave.

She nodded. "Yes master. Steward Lu told me that you would want to hurt me. More specifically, he said that you desired to hurt me sexually."

"What do you imagine sexual torture to be?"

Meixiang was smart enough to know that he was both testing and teasing her. "I know little about torture master, but I imagine it involves all manner of pain such as beating, crushing, twisting, cutting and burning. I know even less of sex master, as I am a virgin and of good character, but all girls know that sex involves the parts of their bodies that they must keep private, being their breasts, buttocks and the place between their thighs."

"You do not name that place between your legs. Why is that? Are you too bashful?" Minister Chou inquired.

Meixiang blushed. "No master. I am a simple girl and do not know the polite name for that place and I am afraid of offending you with my crude language."

"I shall make allowances for your background. Now name that place for me," he commanded.

Meixiang understood that he deliberately wanted to shame her, so she daringly looked into his eyes and said, "I know it by the name 'cunt' master."

Minister Chou smiled. "And you consider your cunt to be a private place?"

Again, Meixiang saw the trap and said, "Not any more, master. My cunt belongs to you, just as the rest of me does."

"So you do not think that your cunt should be spared from torture?"

She shook her head gracefully, even though her fingers twisted around each other nervously. "No master. The core of a woman's sex is her cunt, so how can there be sexual torture that excludes the cunt?" she asked rhetorically. She deliberately used the obscene word to show that she was not prudish when it came to serving him.

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