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LiSA - System Shock

Created Friday 30 September 2011


A LiSA is the perfect android sex toy. Beautiful, sexy, totally obedient, and extremely expensive.

Ex-law officer and now private eye Petr Tempest finds himself owing and totally dependent on Justine, his very own LiSA, after his life and sanity are destroyed by Blood War, a terrorist bio-hacker organisation. Made into a violent sex addict by his cure, Justine allows him to safely vent his need to regularly indulge in the wildest sadistic sex imaginable.

But behind the LiSAs themselves is a terrible secret, and a new client soon has him and the faithful Justine involved in a wild ride of sadistic sex and murder on the planet of Baskerville, the galaxy's greatest Victorian Era resort, where kinky sex is the order of the day.

Extract :

"Ah, I almost forgot you're new here. Well, the thing is, our girls play a little game with the customers. I assume you've noticed that their bottoms are …. "


She smiled. "Yes, that. I'm sure you've realised the um, opportunities, that their condition presents – but there's more. Just like any waitress, they'll object if you get too … familiar whenever they walk by. However, if you look carefully between their thighs, you might see a piece of red ribbon. The ribbons, which are attached to a medallion, are inserted in their um, naughty bits. Each medallion has a little forfeit which the girl is obliged to perform – but only if a customer is able to snatch it out of her fanny without touching her with his fingers."

"And if he does touch her?"

"Then he has to give her a tip the equivalent of a pint of ale as a punishment for his improper behaviour."

Petr grinned appreciatively. "So it's a game of skill and chance."

The movement of Wil's head encompassed all the customers. "Some of the regulars have gotten very good at plucking the ribbons. On the other hand, the girls have learned to stand and move in ways that make it quite difficult to get at their ribbons."

He could see that the game was designed to encourage the patrons of the pub to order as many drinks as possible in order to keep the serving girls coming around their tables. "Doesn't it hurt to have the ribbon and medallion suddenly snatched out, and what sort of forfeits are the girls required to do?"

Wil finished her ale with a smack of her lips and grinned. "You should hear the noises the girls make when the medallions get ripped out hard. That would answer your question. As for the forfeits, it can range from something silly like sticking a pen up her arse and writing the customer's name on a piece of card or filling her fanny up with bottle caps and walking across the room, all the way to some pretty serious titty and fanny torture. The girls have to draw the medallions from a box at the start of their shift, so there's usually a fairly good mix." She started to wash her glass. "Now I've got to get back to work. Thanks again for the drink – and good luck with the ribbons," she said with a wink.

Trri pointed to a vacant table, and the four of them took their drinks and sat down.

A serving girl came around, smiled prettily and laid down several small platters of salted snacks.

Petr watched her bare bottom carefully and mimed grabbing at the temptingly waving ribbon several times just to see how much speed and skill it would require.

The waitress saw what he was doing and giggled. "Go ahead. I could use the tips," she said with a saucy twitch of her hip.

"I think I could quite easily snatch it without touching her," Justine offered.

"I'm afraid that wouldn't be fair," Petr said in response to the serving girl's alarmed expression and chuckled when the waitress sighed with relief and turned away. "But … " His hand darted out, so fast it was a blur.

The serving girl squealed in shock and surprise.

"… I might give it a try." Petr raised his hand and grinned at the expressions on his companion's faces at the sight of the beribboned medallion that dangled from his fingers, the waitress's moisture gleaming on the golden metal and darkening the upper portion of the ribbon.

The serving girl rubbed her sore fanny ruefully, and smiled respectfully at him. "You're very good with your hands." She tilted her head and peered curiously at the swinging medallion. "What does it say?"

"Don't you know?"

She shook her head. "We're not allowed to look before we … put it away. We might be tempted to try harder to escape if we knew that the forfeit was a really bad one." She tilted her hip towards him teasingly. "By the way, you can touch me as much as you like now, until the forfeit is completed – all of you," she added, looking at each of them with a smile.

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