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Created Friday 29 March 2015


Port Royal, the sole British port in the "Spanish Main" and filled with pirates, privateers, and women of easy virtue. It was known as the most sinful city in the world. No pleasure, no matter how perverse could not be purchased for the right amount of gold.

Captain Harry Pierce was both trader in pirate's plunder and the captain of a fighting ship, a privateer licensed by the British Crown to sink and loot the ships of Spain. Based in Port Royal he lived like a king and bought and sold legally indentured Irish servants, including his own private harem to serve his sadistic purposes. In addition he had his choice of the high born Spanish ladies taken from captured Spanish ships. But Port Royal was also the most dangerous place in the world, and his life was under constant threat from the cutlasses of drunken pirates to the knives of the companions of his bed.

But Spain had plans to deal with this pirate base, and Harry would soon find himself fighting for his life against assassins and Spanish canon, with pieces of eight, beautiful women and the very survival of Port Royal itself as the ultimate prize.

Warning! - This novel is about a real piracy and there is explicit non-sexual violence.

Extract :

"It is done," Harry said to Cristina, who stood waiting in the centre of his cabin. He had told her that there was a chance that some crew members would be sufficiently roused to oppose his proposal. Although in most things his will ruled, the sharing of booty was strictly done according to the articles that each had signed when joining the crew. Disagreements over the spoils could be more deadly than enemy canon balls.

"I must admit to some relief," she said with a mischievous smile. "All women enjoy having many suitors, but I did not look forward to servicing so many of them at the same time."

Harry approached her, stopping when the hem of her skirt touched his boots. "Are all Spanish ladies so bold in their speech?" He smiled to show that he intended no criticism in what he said.

"I have discovered that being an outcast can be quite liberating. Before my wedding night I was as meek and gentle a lady as any." She looked into his eyes. "It appears that I am now your property, no more in the eyes of the law than yonder chair or candle stick. The contract was most definite on that point." Her tone held more challenge than submission. "What shall you do with your new chattel, I wonder?"

Harry commenced to slowly pace around her in a tight circle, his hands behind his back. "I have just purchased a most expensive trinket almost sight unseen."

Her laughter was rich and sensual. "Then it behoves you to examine closely what is now yours, does it not?"

"Why so it does. Do you require my aid to disrobe?"

It was evident that she had given this moment some close consideration. "There's no need to bother yourself. Be at ease, have some brandy, and I shall take it upon myself to reveal all to you." She did not take her new condition lightly, and fully intended to make the best of her new life by indulging her new master's desires to the very best of her ability to do so. She made no pretence of modesty or shame and quickly unlaced her tight bodice with its puffed sleeves, which she slipped from her arms, pulled from around her waist, and placed upon the table. Next came her skirts, both layers, and the separate pockets, all of which she let fall to the deck, seemingly unconcerned that her stockinged legs were now bared to his sight, with her loins shaded only by the hem of her lace-trimmed shift.

"I mean no criticism, but you seem much at ease in exposing your nakedness. Such composure is rare in a girl of so little experience."

She bent over to retrieve her skirts, providing a mouth watering display of her creamy buttocks. When she had tossed them upon the table as well, she said, "After my husband's unexpected death, I was dragged from our marriage bed by coarse menservants and spent many hours being questioned and subjected to much verbal abuse, all the while naked as the day I was born. They even beat me in that state, although I was spared the knives and hot irons because they desired that I would not appear to be the victim when brought before the governor." She shook herself as if dispelling the ghosts of that time and smiled. "Once a woman has passed through such an experience, mere nakedness holds no further fears for her, I assure you. In fact it is a relief to see but simple lust in a man's eyes rather than the fear and hatred inspired by an accusation of witchcraft, especially a witch who is supposed to have used her powers to un-man her husband." She seemed to dispel the sombre mood that had come upon her with an effort, and with renewed gaiety she lifted her shift over her head, leaving her naked save for her stockings and the ribbons that held them up. "There, your purchase is unwrapped. Are you disappointed?"

It was a fact that one could find some flaw in any woman's body, no matter how beautiful, but he had to admit that nothing at all come to his mind as he studied her smooth youthful form. "Having seen you thus, I can truthfully say that I do not begrudge a single silver piece of the price."

"You are too kind, Captain." She bowed her head gracefully and then stepped closer to him, her hands at her sides, hiding nothing from him. "I wish you to know that I'm grateful. I'm well aware that you paid your crew much more than I'm worth in ransom, saving me from a living hell. I am determined to fully repay you in the only way that is left to a woman in such circumstances. Whatever I have to give is yours, and I shall begrudge you nothing."

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