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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Kidnapping and training premium sex-slaves. Kidnapping and delivering terrorist suspects. The two lines of business worked perfectly side by side, and Adam Wolfe's mercenary team was the best in both businesses. Then a client hatches a plan that forces Adam to combine both operations, and things suddenly go straight to hell.

Beautiful women are broken into perfect slaves, while others are tortured because of treachery and greed. Deadly professional killers clash in a battle that only one can survive.

Slaves and money. Two things that will get a man fucked – one way or another.

Extract One-

Matthew looked up and nodded. "Adam. Good of you to come."

Adam just nodded back and said, "This is all very cold war. I had debated whether to wear a trench coat. I assume you have something special for me."

He simply nodded again, and continued to stare at the swirling waters of the river. "I do. I have a female agent in deep cover. I want you to snatch her, put her through the mill and offer her up to the person in the file I'm going to give you. No support or follow up required. Standard terms."

Extract Two-

Tara gasped and grunted as Kurt pounded his hard vein-lined cock into her sore cunt. Even though she was technically employed as a clerk and researcher in the White Falcons organisation, women in general didn't command much respect or status amongst the members, and it had been understood when she applied for membership and the job, that she would be sexually available to all the senior male members. At the moment, she was paying her dues by entertaining three of the members at a regular drinking session. "Oh yes, yes. Oh god, fuck me, fuck me harder," she moaned dutifully. Although all three men were healthy and virile, she couldn't honestly claim to be having a good time, since their idea of foreplay was to slap her around a bit, and the concept that the female might want to enjoy the sex act as well, seemed to have totally escaped them.

She heard her newly purchased skirt rip as Kurt pushed her legs up and apart, and cursed silently. Pens, paper clips, and various other items of stationery tumbled off of the table as he shoved her around the table top with his forceful thrusting. She glumly totalled the cost of this little party. Her stockings were totally laddered and torn, they had ripped her panties off instead of pulling them down, and now her skirt was the latest victim of their gonzo porn video school of lovemaking. She suspected that her pussy was bleeding. It certainly hurt enough, and Kurt was just the first of the trio. She had heard Mark muttering something about her arse hole, so it looked like things were likely just to get worse.

She had known that it would be unpleasant when she had volunteered for this assignment, but the reality was proving to be much harder to endure than she had anticipated. Although there had been lectures and simulations during her training that tried to prepare her for what she might face in the field, especially if she was captured, the sheer unpleasantness was not something that the training had been able to adequately convey. She squealed in pain when Kurt ripped open her blouse and bit the top of her breast. "Hey! Watch that. No marks." Her complaint only earned her another slap across the face from Kurt and an even harder pounding of her bruised pussy. She felt him shudder, and she felt his semen spurt into her vagina as he groaned and grimaced while crushing her arms in his grip. She had a brief flash of sympathy for all the female intelligence agents in history who had worked before the invention of effective contraception. The idea of becoming pregnant with Kurt's child was even more horrific than his sexual technique. She wrapped her legs around him and cried out with feigned enthusiasm. "Yes! Come in me, fill me with your seed. You're such a wonderful lover."

Extract Three-

Fanny was a ruthless taskmaster, and even though Tara was very fit, the girl was panting hard and her legs were trembling by the time she neared the end of her one hundred jumps, and she hardly even noticed the slapping of the whip against her pussy any more, or the shame of being naked and spreading her legs on command in front of strangers. Fanny deliberately kept the timing of the jumps irregular, so Tara had to actually listen for the command to spread her legs, and not just sink into a mindless rhythm.

When Fanny called out "Open" for the last time, and the whip slapped her pussy for the hundredth time, Tara collapsed panting onto the floor, soaked in sweat. It took a few minutes before she realised that her pussy was tingling in a most suspicious way. She quickly crossed her legs so that Adam wouldn't spot her arousal, but squeezing her thighs together only made the feeling stronger.

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