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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Imagine a world where women are called fems and have always been chattels with no rights at all. Not slaves, but pets, intelligent domestic animals. In the Britain of this parallel world, the only protection they have are the laws intended to prevent the mistreatment of pets, and the earnest efforts of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fems (RSPCF). The concept of marriage has never existed in this world, except among some remote, primitive tribes.

Imagine a world filled with obedient, loving, pet fems, taxicabs pulled by fems, naked extreme fem boxing and wrestling, and fems performing just about every imaginable service for the pleasure and convenience of men. Selectively bred and always beautiful, fems provide every possible kind of sexual pleasure. Like all domesticated animals, obedience and loyalty are valued traits, while viciousness and unpredictability are ruthlessly stamped out. Fems are strictly forbidden by law to ever cover their genitals with clothing, so that no fem can ever pose as a man.

An uneasy balance exists between those who would treat fems as valuable, treasured creatures, like pedigree dogs or pure-bred horses, and those who would strip all protection from fems so that they can be ruthlessly exploited. Even the world's religions are split into factions on this matter.

But suddenly things come to a head because of a horrible massacre of male children, with the finger of blame pointed at a group of feral women. Hardliners clamour for a mass cull of fems in the area and the removal of legal protection from all fems. Feelings grow so strong that a civil war seems possible and even the first World Wide War that this world has ever experienced.

Parker Hammond is a man of our world, a divorced ex-police officer, who lost his career and his wife when his liking for sadistic sex was exposed by a muck-raking female journalist. He suddenly finds himself drawn into this alternate dimension and tasked to investigate the massacre. Follow Parker and his loyal pet fem Susan, as he fights to survive and find a new life in the world of Paradigm Shift.

Extract One:

Susan held out her hands and waited until Parker took them in his. She said, "Master, please accept the gift of my virginity and accept me as your pet." With that, she squeezed his hands and lowered herself onto his cock.

Parker pushed his cock upwards very gently, feeling it slide into her vagina and stop when it came up against the fragile barrier of her hymen. He felt Susan freeze in place, and he thought that it was because of the pain. "Am I hurting you? I'll go slower if you like."

Susan smiled and shook her head. "Master, you can only hurt me this way once in my life, so I want you to enjoy it as much as possible. I'm going to hold myself still right here so that you can play with my maidenhead. Push it, stretch it, tear it little by little and as slowly as you like."

Amazed, Parker looked up at the girl's lovely body and carefully watched her face as he probed and prodded her at her vagina, cautiously moving his hips up and side to side. He could feel the tip of his cock strain against her hymen, and he saw the pain in her face as it stretched to the breaking point.

Susan panted softly and said, "Ow, ow, my pussy hurts. I've never had that part of me hurt like this. It feels so odd … aah, ow, it's quite exciting to feel you inside me like that. Does my pain please you master?"

Parker felt hot waves of excitement flow through his cock. He had hurt women before, but this was the first time that it was his cock that was actually causing the pain. He said, "It pleases me a lot my pet. Now brace yourself, I'm going to break you and it's is going to hurt a lot more." He felt her obediently brace herself against his supporting hands, and her hips pressed down harder as he drove his cock upwards in a steady, merciless thrust. He strained against her hymen, which proved to be surprisingly resilient, painfully stretching it and stretching it.

Extract Two:

The femcab operator said, "Where to sir?"

Parker said, "Just take us to the centre of town. I'm new here and I just want to look around."

"Of course sir." she said. She smiled and stepped into the pulling frame as her partner lifted the crossbar to chest height.

He found himself with an excellent view of the two fem's muscular buttocks, and he caught tempting glimpses of their pussies as they began to smoothly jog along the road. The steady rocking movement of their hips and the ripple of the muscles of their backs was hypnotic. It was the most comfortable mode of transport that he had ever experienced. It was totally silent except for the soft pad of the fem's shoes and the hiss of the tyres on the road. There was no vibration of a motor that even an electric vehicle produced. Just the beautiful view of the two fems running effortlessly along in front of him. He turned to Susan and said, "They look very healthy and well cared for."

Susan smiled. "Of course. Their owner's living depends on them and they are valuable property. It would be a financial disaster if one of them became sick. Their owner probably supervises their washing and feeding at the end of every day and carefully checks them for any damage to their feet or muscle strains."

The same fem turned her head over her shoulder and said, "Our owner Mr Wheeler is a very nice man. He takes good care of us. We even have digital music players as well as pulse and blood pressure monitors built into the cab. He personally supervises our masturbation sessions at the end of the day to make sure that we don't get sexually frustrated."

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