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The Honourable FGT Club

Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Queen Victoria was not amused by kinky sex. The old Hellfire clubs were just a memory. But sadist Victor Barton is not satisfied with sneaking off to brothels, so in typically inventive Victorian fashion, he first secretly fills his home with pain loving women disguised as servants, and then creates his own version of that most British of institutions, the Gentleman's Club. The Honourable FGT Club was devoted to the fine art of female genital torture - and in that repressed era, he discovers that there are an amazing number of kinky young women who are willing to "play" - given the right incentives.

But Victor soon discovers that arousing hidden desires can be a dangerous business, and his life and those he loves are put at risk when he is forced to defend his sexy home and his unique creation - the Honourable FGT Club - from an unimaginable threat.

Extract :

Sensing profit, Mrs Jeffries fluttered her fan and said, "Young Abigale's available. She's a hot one, and steady enough for your games. But – she's very popular, and if she's going to be out of action for a few days …. "

He waved his hand dismissively. "Will five pounds ease your concerns my good lady?"

Hiding a smile behind her fan, she curtseyed. "It's always a pleasure dealing with someone who knows the value of what he's buying." She waved at one of the girls lounging on a sofa dressed only in frilly underclothes. "Sally will escort you to the Playroom, while I go to fetch Abigale."

Sally took Victor's arm and smiled seductively at him. Mrs Jeffries's girls were a far cry from the scared and sullen street trollops of Whitechapel. "This way sir. You look like a nice gentleman. Sally will show you a good time if you ever feel in the mood for a bit of straight forward grinding. Miss Laycock is always ready for a visit from John Thomas." She bumped her hip against him suggestively.

Victor smiled at the vivacious little biter. "A most tempting offer my dear. Sadly my tastes run to more vigorous games."

Sally nodded understandingly and then grinned in a mischievous manner. "Are you going to introduce Abigale to the burning shame?"

He understood that the girl was referring to the insertion of a lighted candle into a girl's quim. He tilted his head thoughtfully. "You know, I've never done that. It might be amusing to try."

She laughed. "I'd give a lot to see Abigale's face when the candle lights up her cock alley." As they walked towards a red painted door, she pointed at it and said, "Here's something that you may not have seen before. Mrs Jeffries decided to put on tom shows to entertain those gentlemen who are waiting for a particular girl or don't feel like going home after they've done their business." She reached out, quietly opened the door and signed that Victor should look through the gap.

Victor leaned over Sally's shoulder and looked into the room, and saw a semi circle of men and women watching intently and uttering the occasional cheer or shout of encouragement. The subject of their interest was a pair of Mrs Jeffries's girls, both completely unrigged and displaying fine figures and nicely shaped sets of bubbies.

It was fortunate that the arts of Lesbos were not illegal, since the pair of them were lustily engaged in such very acts. One girl was on her knees, while the other stood with her legs widely parted. The kneeling one had her face buried in the standing one's muff, her tongue busily engaged in exploratory activities. From the sighs and moans of the standing girl, the explorations were meeting an enthusiastic welcome.

The medical profession and gentle society at large professed to believe that women were not capable of experiencing sexual pleasure. Victor knew from much personal experience that this was utter twaddle - and the two ladies were proving this point most emphatically. With the crowd cheering her on, the standing girl reached a noisy and very obvious climax.

Sally closed the door then Victor pulled his head back. "Funny thing that. Most men don't give a fig whether a girl enjoys herself when he is tupping her, but the same gents loves to see girls spend when it is performed for their entertainment." She shrugged and tugged at Victor's arm. "Come on then, you shouldn't keep Abigale waiting. I'm sure her bottom is eager to meet your rod." She giggled at her little jest.

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