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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Even the most dedicated pervert and sadist is not born with those desires, or the skills needed to carry them out, not even one as famous as the Marquis de Sade.

At the age of eighteen, Louis de Sade is already a veteran soldier and a Cornette of Cavalry in the Royal French Army, but he has little experience of sex except with the whores that serve the army. Although he fights bravely, his unit is crushed in the disastrous battle against the Prussians at Krefeld, after which he is promoted to Captain and posted to the Island of Minorca to rest and recuperate. There he meets and rescues the mysterious Vicomtess Lessard, who owns the Villa Blanc, which is filled with beautiful female slaves, all totally devoted to the pursuit of painful and humiliating sex.

Join the Marquis as the lovely Vicomtess and her sex slaves teach him the joys of sex, of the whip and of sexual torture. Be there as he experiences unrestrained, sadistic sex, and even wilder orgies for the first time in his young life.

Witness the birth of a legend and of a truly historical character, whose very name affects our language to this day. The father of sensual Sadism, The Marquis de Sade.


Louis could see her intense excitement. He gently brushed the tip of the leather strap over her cunt, tickling her and letting her feel how vulnerable and open she was. He swung the strap back and forth over her clit, teasing it with the whip

Hanna quivered, gasped and exclaimed, "Oh my god, I just came." The bedsheet under her cunt darkened as her juices soaked into the fabric.

Louis resumed his tickling of her clit, drawing a startled cry from her. "What's the matter?" he asked, not stopping the movement of the strap.

In a choked voice Hanna said, "My clitoris is so very sensitive right after I come."

Louis smiled. "Good. In that case, I want you to pull the hood back and make it stick out more so that the strap actually touches it."

With shaking hands, Hanna obeyed and forced her clitoris into the open with her thumbs. She made a soft, high pitched wailing sound when Louis continued to gently slap at it with the strap, and her entire body jerked each time her clitoris was touched by the soft leather.

After several minutes of this Louis said, "Brace yourself. I'm going to start whipping your cunt now." He looked down at Hanna's cunt and took aim at one of her inner lips, lifted his arm and slashed the small leather whip down. The tip landed precisely on the middle of the lip, flattening it against her body with a sharp snapping sound. Although Hanna remained silent except for the sound of her strained breathing, every muscle in her body went taut, and her back arched off of the bed for a moment before she could control herself enough to lift her cunt up to the whip again. It was obvious that it had hurt her badly and his cock rose in tribute to her bravery.

Hanna noticed his reaction and managed a smile through her pain. She nodded at his cock and said, "That is all the reward that I need."

Louis stroked her thigh and said, "You are beautiful." Then the whip flashed again, this time striking the other lip. He did not pause but continued striking her inner lips, now the left, then the right, keeping her in continuous pain and testing her endurance and determination.

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