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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Young Lady Chastity Fitzhugh was a wealthy heiress. She was also by nature a lover of women and a sexual sadist. However, she was a sadist lacking any victims, since Victorian propriety made any kind of sexual adventure nearly impossible for an unmarried woman. Then she was inspired by the example of the newly reformed Workhouses for the poor, which subjected the inmates to a harsh and draconian regime. There were no equivalent institutions in existence to aid upper class women in financial difficulty, or to provide them with educational opportunities. Inspired by the workhouses, Chastity creates the Lady House, a place of refuge and hope for (attractive) impoverished ladies of good breeding and backgrounds – provided they committed themselves completely to satisfying Chastity's lustful desires.

Victorian naughtiness, lesbian sex, flagellation and delicious sexual torments await all visitors to the Lady House – and you are most cordially invited.

Extract :

Chastity tapped her chin with a slim finger. "Now how to proceed?" Her eyes searched the woman's figure for inspiration. She was wearing a day dress and the neckline was modestly high about her throat, so access to her bosom would require considerable effort. Then her gaze alighted upon the hem of her skirt. "Remain seated as you are, but kindly draw your skirts and chemise up to your knees."

Molly was quite resigned to allowing this younger woman to completely have her way with her, so she hardly hesitated at all before leaning forward to gather up the many layers of her skirt and petticoats in her hands, and shyly drawing them up along her lower legs until they reached her knees, exposing her stockinged legs. Since she was in the presence of another woman and not a man, this did not seem such a terrible immodesty, since it was completely normal to have a maid adjust them or to make a minor adjustments of her own while her maid was present. However, its significance lay in the fact, as both of them were well aware, that the action was merely the prelude to much greater liberties and licentiousness.

Chastity was pleased to see that her legs were indeed well formed and shapely. This was a promising start indeed. "Kick off your shoes dear, and then raise your garments a little higher," she said, displaying her excitement by leaning forward slightly.

Molly gently kicked off her slippers and extended her legs straight before her, with the mass of her skirts mid way up her thighs, with her garters just visible. Due to the privacy and the presence of only one other woman in the chamber, she did not feel any real shame, and in fact felt a strange stirring of passion in her breast and other unmentionable parts. She realised that she even rather enjoyed to manner in which Lady Fitzhugh was admiring her legs.

"Now all the way up, my dear." Chastity held her breath.

Struck by a sudden rush of shame, Molly hesitated, needing a moment to gather her nerve. The sensation was much like having to step in front of a crowd to give a speech. Her limbs felt chill and numb, and it was hard for her to breathe. She saw that her hands were shaking, and she gripped her skirts harder. Then with an abrupt, convulsive movement, she pulled the hem of her skirts up to her chest to reveal her bare hips and loins.

A tiny rattle of the teacup betrayed Chastity's excitation when she saw the neat chestnut brown triangle of curls that pointed down between the woman's tightly closed thighs. She took a quick breath to calm herself, and smiled approvingly. "You're doing splendidly Molly."

"Thank you, Lady Fitzhugh."

"Do you think you can hold your clothes like that while we chat a little bit more?"

"Yes, of course, my Ladyship."

"I'm going to describe some things that I might like to do to you, and I'd like you to respond to each simply with 'yes' or 'no', unless I ask you to tell me more. If your response is 'no' to any statement, you may lower your clothing and leave. Naturally, you shall not be paid, nor considered for any form of employment. Is all that clear to you?"


"Good. Then I shall start. Are you willing to perform all acts that I instruct you to do, even if they are intensely shameful and humiliating?"

"Yes," she responded firmly and without hesitation.

"Are you willing to perform any act of a sexual nature, provided it is limited to this room and between you and I?"

"Yes." There was the tiniest of pauses before she answered, but her tone was still firm and definite.

"I intend to punish you in various ways. Providing I do not maim, blind or otherwise permanently injure or scar you, are you willing to submit yourself to these punishments?"

Molly uttered a tiny gasp, but still she nodded and responded with a definite "Yes". She wavered for a second, and then decided to add, "My departed husband was a brutal man, and took much pleasure in venting his spleen upon me. He would often strike me, claiming to punish me for imaginary infractions and insults. As a dutiful wife, I had no choice but to learn to endure it with as much grace as I could." She managed a smile. "You have given me much more reason to endure physical torments than he ever did."

Chastity was about to stop her questioning, when her eyes fell on Molly's pubic curls and the parts still hidden between her thighs. Her lips curled in a mischievous smile. "I particularly wish to play with your pudenda, your fanny. This may involve sensations, both pleasant and unpleasant, of an extreme nature. Do you swear to devote your senses to experiencing both to the utmost of your ability, and to unhesitatingly expose those intimate parts to me at all times?"

Molly was both surprised and disturbed to discover that Lady Fitzhugh's questions, and the images they generated within her brain, had a most particular effect upon her. Rather than causing merely shock and horror, they had combined with the completely indelicate exposure of her person to produce such strange feelings with her breast as she had never before experienced, even when performing her wifely duties with her husband. When Lady Fitzhugh addressed the matter of her fanny and spoke of playing with it as if it were some child's toy, a great shudder had coursed through her being and her stays had suddenly felt far too tight. She felt a heated flush spread all over her body, and a frightening feeling of heat arose within her such as she had never before known. Her voice trembled as she said, "Yes, my Lady, I do so swear."

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