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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Richard Manton is young, rich and good looking. He is a great fan of sexy mind control stories and a lover of s&m, which was why he had a totally non existent sex life except with prostitutes. That is, until the day he meets Eric, the mysterious stranger who gives him a very special gold coin.

Suddenly, he is able to enter and totally control the dreams of any woman. Dreams that look, feel and even smell totally real. He can completely control the dream environment, the way the woman looks, and her every action, but just not her thoughts. All he needs is to get hold of something the selected girl has actually touched.

Possessing unlimited sexual energy in the dreams, Richard can have kinky sex with his choice of women, from film stars and dancers to the girl next door.

Now, without fear of punishment or any other consequences, he can do just about anything he wants to any woman, and he embarks on the greatest sexual adventure of his life.

Follow Richard's exploits each night as he becomes – the Dream Stealer.

Extract One

"He gloated at the helpless girl who had so cruelly rejected him the other day. 'Not so proud now, are we?' he said, stalking around the frozen figure. He jabbed her arm with a stiff finger and he almost laughed aloud when she didn't react. Growing more daring, he jabbed her breast, feeling the stiff fabric of her bra resisting his finger. He said, 'I'm going to let you speak in a moment. If you try to scream or call for help, then I'll silence you again and you'll stay that way until I am done with you, which could be a long time from now.' He let her see the mind control device. 'You may speak,' he said and pressed the command button.

Kathy gasped when she felt the invisible grip on her vocal cords disappear. The rest of her body was still frozen and unresponsive, although strangely she was in no danger of falling down. It was as if someone or something else was controlling her body. She was tempted to scream, but the thought of becoming voiceless again was too scary. 'Who are you? What have you done to me?' she demanded in as calm a voice as she could manage.

He chuckled. 'You don't need to know who I am. All you need to know is that for now I control your body and mind. I can make you do anything that I want with just a word and press of a button.'

'Fuck you, I'm not doing anything creep, and I'm going to call the police as soon as I can move again.'

This made him laugh. They always said the same thing. He just said a single word in reply. 'Kneel!'

Extract Two

Richard pointed at the floor. "On your hands and knees and follow me." He smiled at her squawk of surprise and indignation when her body obeyed. He turned and led the way out of the shop, not bothering to hold the door for her.

Danni cried out in pain as the door swung back to thump her painfully on the forehead and then she hurt herself even more by butting her head against the door in order to open it so that she could catch up with Richard. The rest of the mall looked normal, except for the total lack of customers or staff. The silence was creepy, and she felt a twinge of fear, in addition to the pain in her knees from pounding on the textured tiles of the floor. This was probably the worst nightmare she had ever had.

Richard led her on a circuit of the entire floor, until he found an ice cream parlour where he went behind the counter and made himself a sundae, which he brought to the table where the hot and panting Danni was waiting. He could see that indignation was beginning to overcome her discomfort and fear. Before she could speak he said, "Get up and do jumping jacks while I eat this ice cream."

Danni gasped as her body sprang to its feet and began to do vigorous jumping jacks. Although she was quite fit, she was soon panting hard and aching in ever muscle. The impact of her feet on the ground, the heavy uncomfortable bouncing of her unsupported breasts and the smell of her sweat made her doubt that she was having a nightmare. It was just all too real. Besides, she had never felt real pain and shortness of breath in a dream before. She jumped and bounced until she had cramps in her sides and in her thighs, and she screamed in pain and frustration.

Extract Three

Janet watched Betty warily. She had never seen a cattle prod before, but it was obvious that it wasn't something good. "Keep that thing away from me you shameless bitch."

This was all the incentive that Betty needed to overcome any last vestiges of sympathy that she might have felt. She grinned and slowly jabbed the prod at Janet, who automatically held up her hand to ward it away.

There was a sharp zap and a miniature lighting bolt flashed from the tip of the prod to Janet's palm. Janet screamed in pain and backed away as far as the chain would allow. "No! Keep that thing awa... oww!"

Betty ignored the woman's protests and simply jabbed her with the prod anywhere that she could reach, avoiding only her face and the middle of her chest.

Janet was zapped on the arm, on her thighs, her belly, her buttocks and just about everywhere else. When the prod slipped through her guard and touched her nipple she shrieked and dropped to the floor, huddling into a ball of misery and fear.

Betty judged that Janet was now in a more receptive mood and stepped back, nodding at Richard.

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