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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Welcome back to the world of Paradigm Shift, where human females are called fems and legally have the status of household pets or expensive domestic animals like pedigree dogs or thoroughbred horses.

The Noble Fems are the twelve finest fems in Britain. Selected annually at the Royal British Fem Show, they have the honour of serving the King himself. The Show is the most important business and social event of the year, where every crèche shows off their best and latest breeds of fems. On display and sale are cab fems to pull rickshaws or carriages, service fems to do the cleaning and other household duties, toilet fems, and of course, fems to cater to every sexual taste and desire.

But just before the Show is scheduled to open, a terrible double murder is committed, and the main suspects are the Noble Fems! If they are convicted, it would be a tremendous loss of prestige for the Crown, an economic disaster for Britain, and a threat to the legal status of every British fem.

Once again, Crown Investigator Parker Hammond, the ex-SAS commando and sexual sadist from our dimension is called upon to save the day, ably assisted by his pet fems Susan and Teena.

Join Parker as he investigates bloody murder and enjoys all the fun of the great Fem Show.

Extract One -

Henderson held up his hands. "Thank you, friends and customers." This prompted some playful jeers. "Apart from the usual activities, we at Henderson are proud to present the latest batch in our HPT breed of fems. Allow me to present Andrea of our new Alpha Seven HPT line."

There was some polite applause, and then speculative murmuring as a young fem came out of the door beside the stage and mounted it to stand beside Henderson. She was fresh faced and enthusiastic, although her blushes showed her inexperience at being the centre of attention. She was completely naked including her feet, as befitting a demonstration model of a commercial product. She was also exquisitely beautiful.

A hush fell over the room except for the faint clink of cutlery as some of the more jaded customers continued to eat. Henderson nodded at her and she began to slowly turn on the spot with her arms held slightly out to the side.

Henderson said, "As you can see, the Alpha Seven line features a high degree of body symmetry, both in her facial features and her body. Long slim legs and well proportioned ankles and feet make her movements smooth and graceful. He signalled for her to stop and pointed at her breasts. "As you can see, we have chosen to breed for medium sized breasts that are firm and resistant to sagging. However, they are more than ample for breast binding and various forms of corporal punishment." He paused and put his hand on Andrea's shoulder. "As usual, I must remind all of you that as a demonstration model, Andrea has been extensively trained for the task. Fems purchased from us have not been pre-trained to accept specific physical punishments."

Extract Two -

He held a finger across his lips and waited until he felt her try to nod against his grip on her hair. "Good fem," he said, and slapped her breast hard. He nodded approvingly when she gritted her teeth and remained silent. Controlling her by her hair, he pulled up into a sitting position. He said, "Arms behind your back and shoulders straight."

The fem obeyed, taking deep steady breaths to keep herself calm, knowing that he was going to beat her breasts.

The Vet studied her firm breasts as they rose and fell in time with her breathing. He took aim at the front half of her breast which was more sensitive to pain and grunted as he struck a downward blow. His hand met her breast and nipple with a crack like breaking timber. Before her shocked nerves could even react, he struck again, this time hitting the other breast.

The pain was overwhelming and the fem would have doubled over in agony if not for his grip which held her suspended by her scalp. He imagined ripping her breasts off with the force of his blows and his cock stirred. He yanked hard on her hair and threw her flat on her back again, making her body bounce on the mattress. Fist clenched, he drove two rapid punches into her breasts and then one more into her belly.

The fem moaned and retched, her legs kicking wildly in response to the agony she was feeling. But still she did not resist or try to escape. Her master had ordered her to give this horrible man what ever he wanted and she was determined to do her best, even if he seemed to be insanely angry and filled with hate. She felt a stab of fear at the thought that she was going to die this night, but she had nowhere to go. Even if she managed to escape this man, her owner would either drag her back or have her destroyed as a rogue fem. She whimpered as the Vet grabbed her knees, lifted them up and jerked them apart, exposing her pussy.

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