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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


A secret resort that specialises in providing beautiful women who are happy and willing to undergo Female Genital Torture to entertain its guests.
A traumatised ex-police woman who's last chance is her new job as Chief of Security at the resort.
Ruthless murders and criminals with a plot to destroy the century old institution.
Who are the good and who are the bad? Find out at Papillon Rouge — and enjoy some unique pussy torture while you're there.

Extract One:

"OK, you get to go first," said Ruth, handing Jamie the cane. "Smack yourself on the palm a few times to get the feel of the rod, and then I want you to give Mary one medium-hard stroke across her pussy. Don't just tickle her, but don't hit right in between the lips at this time. I want to see a nice clean diagonal mark. You will not be doing Mary a favor by being gentle. If you don't give her a good solid whack I will make you do it again."
Mary rolled over on her side and lifted her upper leg high, baring her cunt to a horizontal stroke of the cane. "Remember to pull the cane back quickly after you've hit me and to stand clear," said Mary. "I won't be able to keep my legs spread if you hit me hard in there, and I don't want to kick you in the head."


Extract Two:

Kathy's pussy was a veritable tapestry of pain, the aching throb of her swollen clit blending with the raw stinging pain of her abraded labia. However, because of Jason's choice of this gradual and drawn out torture, Kathy was able to stay in her required pose, although her head and upper body twisted and writhed in reaction to each stroke of the brush as it added to the steadily growing canvas of pain. To Jamie, it looked as if Kathy was doing a slow and erotic lap dance, with her sweat dampened hair swinging and shaking like a dark curtain that rippled in a storm of agony.


Extract Three:

"Show me how willing you are. I want to hurt your cunt and clitoris. Give me some ideas. Tell me what I should do to really make you scream, and they better be good ideas, or I will cut one of your tits off."
Zoe felt her legs tremble as she broke out in a nervous sweat. She felt so terribly exposed and vulnerable, with her clit sticking out obscenely. She knew that this plump, nerdy looking man wanted her to suggest terrible things, and she feared that she would not be able to stand the pain. But she also knew that if she wanted to live to see tomorrow, she had no choice but to please him. Women who failed the Organization were of no value and were punished in horrible ways to serve as object lessons for the others. Driven by a fear greater than Terry could imagine, Zoe's mind worked frantically to come up with ideas that would satisfy him but not permanently mutilate her. Her searching eyes fell on the work desk by the wall and the wet bar across the room.

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