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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


Arms dealer and merchant of death Eric Bolt has a strange problem. One of his clients has just given him a half trained sex slave, Aurora. This should have been a dream come true, except that suddely everyone around him seems to be involved in a complex and deadly battle, with him right in the middle. Even worse, despite all the cruel and painful games that he inflicts on Aurora, he might be falling in love with her.

Brainwashed sex slaves, hot sex, deadly combat, and romance, this book has it all.

Extract One -

"Kneel down and lick my boots."

Patty dropped to her knees and enthusiastically licked the Colonel's boots, looking as if she was eating ice cream instead. It was a good start, though not a very difficult one.

"Enough," said the Colonel, giving her a shove with his boot.

Patty fell on her side, but still smiled as she curled up seductively like a large cat.

"Get up here and suck my dick."

Patty sat up and ran her hands up the Colonel's thighs before very carefully unzipping his fly. She reached in and extracted his limp cock, which she eagerly sucked into her mouth. She slurped away with apparent relish, but with little success. I could have told her that she was wasting her time, as he only got hard when he was hurting someone, but I assumed that the Colonel knew what he was doing.

He nodded to himself as if ticking off an item on a mental checklist, then he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her off of his dick. He knocked her back on the floor with a back handed slap to her face. "Useless cunt. Do you call that a blow job? My wife's mother could do a better job, and she's eighty-two."

The girl gave me a quick glance and then climbed back up to her knees and pressed her forehead to the ground. "I'm sorry sir. I'm doing my best."

"Hmm. Maybe your skills lie elsewhere."

"Please give me another chance sir. I really want to make you happy."

Extract Two -

"Shh. Watch," I said, nodding towards the middle of the room. Gunther and Charles were just about ready to begin their 'experiment'.

Charles slapped the whip into his hard, calloused palm. "Right girls, legs up and apart, hands behind your knees. You will stay in that position for ten strokes on the pussy and you will remain silent – no screaming. You can talk if you wish." He sounded as if he was addressing a squad of new recruits in the army.

Gunther nudged Alina with the handle of his whip. "Did you understand that?"

Alina lifted her knees and pulled them apart with her hands. "I open my legs like this and I make no noise when you hit my pizda, my pussy, yes?"

He stroked her inner thigh with the whip. "Very good. Charles, are you ready? Let's alternate so the we both can see what's happening."

Charles eyed Clara's pussy and grinned. "Suits me. You can start."

Gunther's arm blurred, the whip moving so fast there was no detectable sound as it cut through the air. The leather strands hit Alina's pussy and the impact sounded like a small fire cracker, sharp and intense.

Alina's face froze as she absorbed the pain, and her eyes staring blankly ahead of her, but the trembling of her thighs and the muscles of her abdomen revealed her agony. She inhaled and exhaled in the short, staccato breaths of someone in pain.

Extract Three -

Heather had screamed herself hoarse by now and hung silently panting from the ropes. Her eyes followed me like those of a wounded animal as I trod through the remnants of hay and horse droppings around to stand in front of her once more.

I placed the bloody tip of the cane across my lips and shushed her.

"Listen carefully. I'm going to explain what's happening and then I'm going to ask you one question. If you answer correctly, it will be all over and I won't kill you. If you don't tell me what I want to hear, I'll start hurting you again and I won't stop until I'm satisfied, even if you change your mind. Now nod your head once if you understand me," I said, slowly and clearly. I was pretty certain that she wasn't going to talk so easily because she knew that she was as good as dead once she gave up the hard disk.

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