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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


It is 1941 and British Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent Tomasina "Tom" Meadows is one of the first few operatives dropped into the small town of Dinan in German Occupied France, assigned to make contact and organise French Resistance groups. Unfortunately she is soon betrayed and captured by the dreaded German secret police, the Gestapo. She and the other captives are subjected to terrible and obscene tortures, but her captivity soon takes a strange turn and she is faced with revelations about her own sexuality, danger from all sides, and the possibility of love and rescue from the most unexpected quarter.

In a tale filled with sex, torture, romance and thrills, follow Tom Meadow's adventures as she struggles to survive Nazi captivity and to escape back to England.

Extract One:

She knew what was coming, and squealed happily as Jan kissed his way down her body. She loved it when he paid attention to her down there. "Oui, lechez ma chatte," she moaned as his tongue brushed aside her carefully trimmed pubic hair and began to trace her slit, going down perilously far, and then working its way up again, only to dance around her clit. On top of the spanking, it didn't take long for her to reach a climax, and she moaned and shuddered as Jan deliberately continued to lick her pussy even when it was much too sensitive for her to bear.

Jan grinned and continued licking as Aimee kicked and clawed at the sheets. It wasn't really torture, but it probably felt like it to the wriggling French girl, who was yelling hoarsely for him to stop. He extracted a final scream by flicking her clitoris with his tongue before pulling back and wiping his face on her thigh. He looked down with amusement at the red faced, panting girl.

Aimee shook her fist playfully and said, "Are you trying to kill me?" She puffed and then held out her arms and spread her thighs wide. "Come her darling. Here is at least one part of France that does not mind being invaded by you," she said, pointing at her pussy.

Extract Two:

Bauer stepped back cautiously. He removed her leg shackles and watched as she stripped. He was pleasantly surprised at what he saw when she was naked. Hard work and a shortage of food had maintained her figure surprisingly well. A glance at her belly revealed no stretch marks, so she had not had any children. Her Fotze should still be nice and tight. He had really gotten lucky tonight, and his envy of the Kriminalrat eased. His boss was a stickler for the rules, but Hartmann looked after his men. He returned Lisette's wrists to the shackles, leaving both naked women chained to the wall. He slipped the truncheon into its holster and rubbed his hands in anticipation.

Lisette glanced at the terrified Odile and back at the grinning Gestapo agent. "What do you want of us – Mien Herr?" she asked, remembering to use the correct honorific at the last moment.

Bauer grinned and playfully slapped her sweating flank. "What do I want Fotze? I want everything. I am going to squeeze you two dry like a couple of lemons, and have a good time with your bodies while I am doing it. But first, I will search you."

Lisette licked her lips and tried to push aside her terror. The two of them knew nothing. Their entire group had been captured and their leader had been killed. Perhaps if this man understood that he would not hurt them. "Please Mien Herr, we are two simple working women from the town. That man they called Le Renard, the one they killed, he promised that we would have more food and some simple luxuries for our families if we went with him." She screamed in shock as Bauer brutally slapped her breast.

The Gestapo agent shouted in her face, "Bitch. Do you think that I am stupid? You and your friends were planning to kill loyal Germans and help the enemies of the Reich like that British spy who was with you. I am going to enjoy very much beating all of your secrets out of you."

Lisette's eyes widened in horror as she realised that the man really did not care whether the two of them had any information. He was going to torture them just because he enjoyed it.

Extract Three:

Tom climbed stiffly out of the bed and squatted over the bucket. She looked up at the man who was staring at her and said, "Please, could you turn away?"

Stony faced, the man snapped, "Filthy spies like you have no need for modesty. You are lucky that I do not make you shit out in the courtyard like the animal that you are."

There was no toilet paper, so when she was done, Tom uncomfortably stood up and allowed herself to be dragged out of her prison and over to the bathroom. She undressed and the guard shoved her against the rear wall and she watched him pick up a rubber hose. She grabbed the piece of hard soap that he threw at her and gasped in shock as a jet of icy cold water hit her. She quickly began to shiver, her teeth rattling despite her clenched jaw.

The guard rapped, "Wash your filthy body. The Kriminalrat himself is going to interrogate you, and he will not be pleased if you stink like a dirty English pig." He turned down the water and allowed Tom to soap herself, and then told her to toss the soap aside and resumed spraying her with the frigid water.

The jet of water pounded her like a fist, slamming into her body with enough force to dent her flesh. She nearly drowned when he sprayed her face.

The guard said, "Spread your legs. We must make sure that your Fotze does not stink." He turned up the water pressure even more and directed the jet between her legs.

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