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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


An ancient evil awakes that feeds off of sex, torture and death. The only one who can stop it is the last blood descendant of the ancient War Wizards. But to his horror, he discovers too late that the incredible powers of the War Wizards are also based on pain and sex, and he finds himself battling his own urges as well as the reborn disciples of evil, when he is forced to take on - The Legacy of Pain.

Extract 1:

Margaret recovered quickly when Basher kissed her. She was back on familiar ground and she carefully pressed her body against his, letting him feel her warmth and softness. The huge man seemed to be in a good mood, so she began to hope that he would not hurt her too badly. She gasped when his calloused hands closed about her breasts and began to squeeze. She stroked his shoulders and whispered, "Do you like hurting my breasts like that? Do they feel nice in your hands?"

Basher crushed her breasts in his hands, enjoying Margaret's fear and pain, but he didn't reply. When her breasts were covered with deep red finger marks, he slid his fingers down to her nipples and grabbed them between his fingers and thumbs. He pinched them hard and pulled upwards, forcing her onto her toes.

Margaret moaned as Basher yanked her nipples upwards. She was almost dangling from them and the pain was like a white fire that blazed all the way from her nipples down to her pussy. She threw her head back and panted, but her hands continued their gentle stroking of his shoulders and arms. She gasped with relief when he released her nipples and let her drop back onto her feet.

He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and pushed her over the edge of the table. "Stick yer arse up into the air and don't move," he said.

She realised that she was in for a spanking and fearfully braced herself against the table. Basher's hand felt like a block of wood when it slammed into her buttocks with stunning force. Her hip bones were driven painfully against the table's square edge by the blow, and her entire body rattled from the impact. His leathery palm descended again, and cracked against her flesh like a wooden bat. She was better prepared this time, and the table slammed against her thighs, leaving a dark bruise. The spanking continued, with each tremendous blow leaving deep bruises on her back and front. She was half unconscious by the time he stopped spanking her, but she gamely straightened up and turned to face him. She lifted her arms and turned slowly on the spot, letting him see the damage that he had done.

Extract 2:

Leila recovered her senses, to find herself on her back with each arm pulled out to a corner of the table. Her ankles had been pulled up and back and tied to the same corners as her hands, leaving her bent tightly in half with her knees around her shoulders and her pussy pointing up at the ceiling. "Untie me, you old cunt or I swear I'll kill you," she screamed in fury.

Susan didn't even bother to reply. She had recovered her telephone wire whip and brought it whistling down vindictively against the girl's inner thigh.

The wire cracked against Leila's flesh, and immediately drew blood. Before she could scream, the wire lash struck again on the other thigh, with similar results. This time Leila did scream, her entire body bucking and twisting. The thin twine binding her wrists and ankles cut into her skin and became soaked in blood as well.

Susan climbed up on the long table and used her new angle to bring the wire down in a sizzling stroke directly on Leila's pussy. She felt a glow of satisfaction when this produced an agonised howl. She panted, "So I'm an old cunt, am I? Well let's see whose cunt is in better shape after this." The whip flashed again and drew a crescent of blood across Leila's vulva. Susan saw that the girl had prominent inner labia that protruded from the protection of her outer lips, so she took aim and whacked the telephone wire down with a snap of her wrist, catching the swollen, crinkled labia.

Leila uttered an inhuman howl of agony, throwing her head from side to side and almost dislocating her arms in her struggle to escape the terrible punishment. The next stroke of the wire against her delicate, bleeding labia broke her and she screamed out, "Stop! For the love of god, stop. I'll do it. I'll do anything you want – just don't hit me any more." She sobbed in pain and terror and babbled about how good she would be as Susan cut her bonds with the blunt tipped scissors. When her arms and legs were free she pressed her hands over her pussy and curled up into a foetal ball, whimpering and crying.

Extract 3:

Suddenly a man came running into the room with blood running down the side of his face. He skidded to a halt when he saw Lauren sitting crumpled on the floor. "Oh my god. Lauren, there's a bunch of maniacs in the building. You've got to call the police and – " He stopped babbling when he realised that Lauren wasn't reacting, and then he noticed the two dead guards in the corner of the studio. Realising what had happened, he snatched up a stool, raised it over his head and charged at the only strange man in the room.

Will had been hoping not to use his magic until he was ready to start absorbing the energy created by the fun and games that he intended to have with the models, but this charging idiot didn't give him a choice. He heard Susan chanting "kill him, kill him, kill him," as he raised his arm with his palm facing the oncoming man.

A crackling ball of bright blue electricity shot out from his palm to strike the man in the middle of his chest and he froze in mid-stride as all his muscles locked and he went into violent convulsions. The stool went flying off to the side and he fell flat on his face as if he had been tripped. The spasms continued to intensify until there was a sickening sound of ripping tendons and cracking bones. The electrical field that struck him had been tuned to make his muscles contract so violently that his body was literally tearing itself to pieces.

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