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Created Wednesday 27 April 2011


The women of London scream, as Archaeologist and Sorcerer Charles Duquesne unleashes his psychotic followers on a rampage of murder, rape and torture. Women from all walks of life are made to suffer horrible torment, and even the Police discover that they are not immune from their crazed, vicious desires.

Follow the second erotic adventure of the War Wizard as he battles the reborn forces of evil, and tries to come to terms with his own desires and those of his sexy companion Elizabeth.

Extract 1:

Damien twisted the towel tight again and savoured her beauty and the glowing red heat of her cunt, before lashing out one final time. The towel threw an arc of glittering droplets of water into the air and then struck her lifted cunt. To his hyper-acute vision, Elizabeth's cunt seemed to flare open under the blow, like a rose caught in a storm, and her moan rose like the howl of the wind. Driven by his own lust and the heat of her pain, Damien leapt on top of her and drove his cock straight into her swollen flesh. It felt like he had dipped his cock into a pool of a hot-spring, as a blast of life energy flowed into his body when he made contact with her moist skin. However, a hot spring didn't possess powerful muscles that locked themselves around his shaft with a vice-like grip, and held him there as Elizabeth's arms reached up to pull his body to hers.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep," she moaned. The bruised and bloody condition of her cunt didn't seem to bother her at all, and she responded to his thrusts with equal enthusiasm. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Damien's bracelet glow brightly. She playfully thought the words "peeping tom" at it, and was startled when she received the impression that the bracelet had winked at her. Then a series of orgasms hit her and she forgot all about it.

Extract 2.

The game had finally begun, and Simon's eye's shone with evil. "Call me Darling."

Mary's face paled at that, but she took another gulp of her drink and nodded. "Yes darling. Is there anything you'd like me to do?"

Simon smiled widely. "How nice of you to ask. Yes, in fact there is. Could you please take off your skirt, panties and stockings. I think you'd look so sweet in just your sweater."

Forcing herself not to scream at him, she nodded and gave him a sickly smile. She stood up and unfastened her skirt, and then slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. He had not asked for a tease, so she just quickly pulled both garments down, sat down and kicked them off from around her ankles. Her stockings were self supporting. She had worn a garter, but that had been shot at a crowd of Albert's friends at the reception. Tears threatened to flow at the thought of that happy event, and she concentrated on rolling down her stockings, which were amazingly unladdered. Naked below the waist, she sat back in her seat and primly crossed her legs. Simon put his arm around her shoulders and she prayed that he didn't feel her shudder.

Of course, Simon did feel it, but decided that it was an involuntary reaction and not a deliberate insult. "That was well done. You have beautiful legs Mary. May I touch them?"

Mary said, "Of course darling," and bit her lip as she felt his fingers touch her thigh. She wanted to shrink from his touch, but confined herself to keeping her legs crossed. She told herself that his touch was hateful and disgusting, but in truth he was surprisingly gentle, and if it had been anyone else, she would have found it quite enjoyable.

Extract 3.

Simon snapped the cuffs into two pieces with a wrench of his shoulders and tossed them aside. "Strip, policewoman. I want you naked and ready for a beating right now."

The body armour and uniform were not designed for quick removal like a stripper's dress, so Cathy had to struggle to get her clothes off. However, she was too frightened to worry about insignificant things like shame and embarrassment and she was able to completely undress without further angering Simon. Cathy was young, fit and healthy, and she had been selected for her role as bait because of her looks, so her naked body was certainly worth looking at.

"Stand at attention constable," he snapped.

Her training automatically brought her to attention, feet together and hands by her sides, although it felt strange to stamp her bare foot.

Simon's fist lashed out and punched her in the stomach.

Cathy doubled over and staggered back a step, gasping in pain.

"I though I told you to stand at attention, bitch!" Simon screamed.

Fighting frantically for breath, she forced herself upright against the cramping muscles of her abdomen and drew herself to attention again.

Simon slowly stalked around her rigid body. When he was behind her, he grabbed a handful of her arse cheek and squeezed. "What have I got in my hand constable? And remember that wrong answers will be penalized." he growled.

Her face pale and frightened, Cathy said, "My arse cheek sir," automatically reverting to behaviour learned in her early days at Hendon.

"Ask me to hurt your arse cheek constable," Simon ordered.

"Yes sir. Please hurt my arse cheek sir," Cathy said.

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